Camping Gear to Make It Feel Less Like Camping


We finally did it. Work and weather co-operated to let my son and I spend a night under the stars — for real.

We’ve been fans of uncamping the past few weeks. We just get out of town for a day of hiking, s’more making, fishing, and adventures before returning home before bed. It was great to have a real night with nature.

I’ll admit I’m a city slicker.

While I enjoy camping with my son, I do like my creature comforts. I’m not so crazy as to go out and spend $100 000 on a huge RV or trailer—we stay in a tent when we camp— but I do add some tricks so we don’t totally “rough it” in the woods.

Check out the things I use (and wish I had) to make camping feel, well, less like camping.

  • Off Clip On 1 of 9
    Off Clip On
    These are great for just sitting around the campsite as a personal, pig-pen cloud of repellant builds around you.

    Image Credit SC Johnson
  • Walkie Talkies 2 of 9
    Walkie Talkies
    Campgrounds are filled with places to explore. If you want to let your kids wander, or make new friends, or perhaps the family wants to split and go different directions, the walkie talkies help us stay connected.
  • Inflatable Beds 3 of 9
    Inflatable Beds
    I don't like sleeping on twigs and rocks. Sure, you can get the little foam mattresses, but this blow up mattress (which doubles as our spare bed for guests), makes camp sleeping much easier.
  • Duraflame Logs 4 of 9
    Duraflame Logs
    If I ever make it on Survivor, I'd fail at the fire challenge. These new fire logs are the same sort of thing you use to get a fire going quickly at home. It's treated sawdust, molded into wood logs. Just light the paper, and off you go. Toss in some wood from around your site and you're on your way to perfect s'mores with ease.
  • iPad 5 of 9
    Yes, I bring my iPad camping. After the campfire goes out, my son and I watch Star Wars.
  • Bioflame Campstove 6 of 9
    Bioflame Campstove
    This is on my wish list for next year. It's a campfire / stove that uses the heat generated from the flame to charge your devices by USB.

    Image Credit Biolite Campstove
  • Pull-Up tent 7 of 9
    Pull-Up tent
    I'm looking forward to adding this to our gear box next year. While our tent isn't 'that' hard to put up, I'd love something that takes just seconds and is easy to collapse.

    Image Credit Canadian Tire
  • Apps for That 8 of 9
    Apps for That
    Since we've got the iPad, and iPhone when we camp, I also make sure we've got apps to make the camping experience better. I have Star Walk to help identify the constellations, and geocaching to help us search for treasure on our hikes.

    Image Credit
  • Electric Inverter 9 of 9
    Electric Inverter
    Even when you're roughing it, this device can take your car adapter and charge up all your toys 🙂 Simply plug the inverter into your cigarette lighter and it will invert the power for AC or USB.

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