Can We All Just Agree to Stop Celebrating Celebrity Parents Who Actually Parent?

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My Fellow Public,

Rarely am I the pusher of edict, decree or proclamation, but I have one particular pet peeve involving our collective response to celebrities. Before I get into it, it’s only fair to disclose my personal obsession with celebrity news. Lest you doubt my devotion to celebrity happenings, you should know I’ve been a faithful subscriber of US Weekly since college. I visit TMZ before I even get out of bed each morning, and I may or may not receive breaking celebrity news alerts via text.

I quite enjoy seeing celebrities buy expensive toilet paper at Whole Foods, eat salad in Beverly Hills, and jog in Los Angeles. This stuff is pure gold, people. That said, the thing I will never understand is why we the people fawn all over celebrity parents for taking care of their own kids. Like OMG you guys, they actually love their own children! No way!

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I know lots of celebrities have a nanny or 12 and I’d never fault them for it. I love my kids to the moon and back but I’d hire a nanny or 12 if I could afford it. And don’t kid yourself, you would too.

But when we see pictures of celebrity moms breastfeeding, or celebrity dads wearing their babies, we freak the freak out like it’s the most amazing sight to behold. It’s not. People, they’re just being parents. You and I parent our kids every single day; we know better than anyone that this stuff is totally normal. No one celebrates you for parenting your own kids and why? Because you’re supposed to! Parents are supposed to parent. Celeb or not, human or animal, a parent’s job is to parent.

In the end, celebrity parents deal with teething, biting phases, potty disasters, public tantrums, picky eaters, and stubborn strollers just like the rest of us. Big whoop.

So listen, how about we enjoy pictures of celebrities and their well-dressed tots on vacations we’ll never be able to afford and stop acting like celebrity parents deserve our epic admiration for doing their job. The only thing that separates us from celebrity parents is that a celebrity parents have really cool and bizarro public jobs and the rest of us don’t. Well that and they could buy an island if they wanted to.

Excuse me while I step off my soapbox to clean my own toilet…

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Do you think we’re way too impressed with celebrity parents who parent?

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