4 Websites For Family Movie Reviews To Help You Decide: “Is This Movie Suitable?”

Superhero movies for kidsWe have a rule in our house: you don’t get to watch Star Wars until you turn 5.

Like many boys, they are Super Hero obsessed and have a wild collection of Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, and other superhero costumes at home. But they don’t know the characters from the Hollywood movies. No way.

The Batman they know is that of Adam West. The Spider-Man they know is that of the old cartoon, and the theme song by Michael Buble. The Captain America they know of is .. I have no idea how they know who Captain America is.

My boys know Iron Man from the cartoons on Netflix. This weekend, on our camping trip, the boys wanted to watch Iron Man, the movie, as our iPad treat in the wilderness. I wasn’t sure. They’re 6 and 3. If I won’t show them Star Wars until 5, why would I break out Iron Man to a 3 year old?

I canvassed some Dad friends and they all warned against the opening 20 minutes of the movie as being a little violent, but said the rest of it was okay. So when we watched it, I fast forwarded the beginning, and we enjoyed the rest.

The guys also pointed me to a website, Is This Movie Suitable, that serves up some great warnings for parents about the content of films.  We can easily tell that Turbo, or Depsicable Me 2, or Monsters University will be okay for our kids, but what about the ones they become exposed to, but want to see?  Can you take your 5 year old to Iron Man 3? What about Man of Steel? Is grabbing Transformers on Netflix a good idea?

Is This Movie Suitable still hedges on the side of caution when it puts appropriate ages for kids to watch a movie, but at least it will give you the information you need to make a more informed decision instead of taking your kids to a midnight showing of The Dark Knight.

Other good sites with family centric movie reviews are Kids In Mind, Common Sense Media, and  Parent Previews.

How do you decide which movies are suitable for your kids?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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