Celebrate the Citizen Kid in Your Life

Gabrielle Douglas. Steve Jobs. Susan B. Anthony. Albert Einstein. Mother Teresa. Mikhail Baryshnikov.

These individuals left an indelible mark on the world. Each of them changed the definition of living up to your potential, but no two followed the same path. Each of them will remain in the history books, but no two will be referred to with the same words. These people all left the world better than they found it, and every one of them started out as a Citizen Kid.

At Babble, we know that each child has his or her own potential. Only the future can tell which child grows up to become the next president or Nobel Prize winner, poet laureate or Picasso, firefighter or teacher, scientist or nurse. It’s our responsibility to celebrate each of these kids in the here and now. We believe that each child can be a Citizen Kid, and today we begin a program dedicated to them and the way they make the world a better place just by being who they are.

Over the next many months, we’ll be spotlighting some extraordinary stories. Each story features a Citizen Kid (or two) that we’ve found and the talent/trait/passion they’re bringing to the world that only they can. You’ll meet Vivienne, a young philanthropist who has used a lemonade stand to unite her family behind an important cause. You’ll meet Sam, a passionate recycling activist who is already making an impact in his community. And they’re only the beginning.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

On the outside, it looks like these kids have nothing in common. But just like Gabrielle and Albert, they share the potential to change the world just by following their hearts.

We know these aren’t the only Citizen Kids out there. Each of you knows a Citizen Kid, or many, and we want to hear all of their stories. We think each of these kids has a unique story worth celebrating, and we plan to do just that.

Making sure that each Citizen Kid has what they need to pursue their passion is very important to us, just as it is to our partner in this program, Milk Life. One thing we know is starting your day with a good breakfast including Milk’s protein can help fuel your morning and power you to be your best. Because of that, Disney is teaming up with Milk to celebrate Citizen Kid by donating $50,000 to The Great American Milk Drive, the first-ever national program to help deliver Milk to hungry families who need it most. To put this into perspective, that donation means 13,020 gallons of Milk will go to families and Citizen Kids in communities all over to help them accomplish great things.

You can join us by using #CitizenKid on Twitter, Facebook, and across social media and telling us about a Citizen Kid (or many) you know. While you call out the Citizen Kids in your life, we’ll be doing the same. Keep checking back on Babble and beyond as we profile different kids and feature some of the ones you send us. With their families and friends at their sides, we hope these Citizen Kids grow up into leaders, innovators, and even pioneers.


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