Celebrating Half Birthdays Proves Ours Is The Worst Generation Of Parents Ever

half birthday partiesWe just might be the worst generation of parents ever. From the helicoptering, to the bubble wrapping, to the spoiling, we just don’t know when to say when.

I thought the constant barrage of graduation ceremonies at the end of every school year was the pinnacle of ridiculous (See: you don’t graduate until you graduate), but it has been topped.

Witness the new trend of Half Birthday Celebrations.

For the longest time kids have described their ages as 3 and a half, or 6 and a quarter. To them, those days and months represent large percentages of their time on the planet so it’s justified that they are proud of keeping track. But do we really need parents to endorse the practice by throwing ‘half birthday parties?’

Moms will say that kids born around a holiday don’t get a fair shake for a party. So instead of trying to cram a birthday party into the week around Christmas and New Year’s, they are having them 6 months later. And, let’s be honest, isn’t a summertime birthday party much better than a cold winter one?

Ah, but if you have a ‘real’ summertime birthday, then you don’t get to have a special day in your class filled with treats and a fun hat. So, why not celebrate your August 18 birthday on February 18? Half birthday saves the day of needing to publicly spoil your kids.

HalfBirthdays.com has all you could need to throw your half birthday party. You can get half a loot bag, half a cake, half a candle, half a pinata .. You see where this is going.

I can hear the squeals now .. “OMG – That’s sooo cute”

No it’s not. It’s ridiculous. You’re being ridiculous.

Pinterest makes Martha Stewart blush with the over-the-top organization of every single possible theme you could find for a party. SAHM with time on their hands after the kids are school age are competing in a blood-sport of party planning and one-upmomship.

But try to resist. Please, just try.

Our kids don’t need another reason to celebrate. We spoil them already with the Elf on The Shelf, Leprechauns, Cupid, Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy etc etc. My 5 year old will turn 6 in May. He has been counting down to his birthday since July. It’s ridiculous, and throwing another star on the calendar just underlines the Me! Me! Me! attitude we already seem to do such a good job of sowing.

Our kids know they are loved. We give them everything they could possibly want, and more. Let’s for once, just try and put the breaks on spoiling them. For once.

Image via Betty Crocker

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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