Celebrating School Spirit Week

When you have a kid with special needs – in my case, autism – finding the best appropriate school is absolutely critical.

Norrin’s kindergarten year was pretty tough. It wasn’t the right fit. The teacher gave up on my son the very first day of school. And in a class of six children, not once – in the entire school year – Norrin was never the student of the month. Norrin cried almost every single morning, begging not to go to school. But as a working mom, I had no choice.

I am so incredibly lucky that I was able to pull Norrin out that school. Now he’s in a really special place – it’s so much more than just a school. It’s his home away from away. We love the staff and the staff loves Norrin.

I think it’s why, I especially enjoyed celebrating School Spirit Week.

Click through the photos to check out Norrin’s outfits for the week!

  • Celebrating School Spirit! 1 of 6
    Celebrating School Spirit!
    Click through to see all of Norrin's outfits!
  • Wear your craziest mis-matched outfit! 2 of 6
    Wear your craziest mis-matched outfit!
    I consider myself to be a little bit of a fashionista and I really enjoy dressing up my boy in cool outfits. So Clash Day was a really hard for me. But I don't know, I think I made it work.
  • Support your favorite sports team! 3 of 6
    Support your favorite sports team!
    Surprising, this was the easiest day for me. (I don't even like sports.) But since we live in The Bronx. And because my husband is a hard-core Yankee fan and since baseball season has just begun…a Yankee's shirt just made the most sense.
  • Wear the school colors: green and white 4 of 6
    Wear the school colors: green and white
    Boy clothes can be pretty boring. There are only so many colors and patterns. Norrin's school colors are green and white. And green is a pretty common ‘boy' color. But Norrin didn't have a single plain green shirt. So I layered a long sleeved white shirt with an army green shirt (it had a logo on it, you just can't see it with the vest).
  • Wear an outfit show casing your favorite decade! 5 of 6
    Wear an outfit show casing your favorite decade!
    This day was the one that gave me the real run for my money. Because Norrin is seven, he hasn't even lived through one decade. How can he determine a favorite? I wanted to put him in a vintage Star Wars shirt but he's had a major growth spurt and hardly anything fits. So I ran out and picked out this Super Mario shirt. And it's supposed to represent the 80s. (Mom Fail)
  • Wear your favorite pajamas to school! 6 of 6
    Wear your favorite pajamas to school!
    This is the day that made me the most jealous. Because I would love to sit around in my jammies all day who wouldn't? Norrin's favorite is his Dr. Seuss Christmas pajamas. (I didn't bother combing his hair - I went for the natural look) Today my mother picked Norrin up from the bus after school, I didn't tell her that today was Pajama Day. I wish I could have seen the look on her face…

How does your child’s school celebrate Spirit Week? Do you go all out? I’d love some ideas to plan for next year!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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