Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary: With Kids or Without?


When I was a child living with my parents (I was one of those needy kids who didn’t strike out on my own until I left for college) we observed my parents’ anniversary as a family. It is on July 1st, which is easy to remember (trust me, next July you will remember Marinka’s Parents’ Anniversary. Check back with me here if you forget) and we’d celebrate their anniversary by having cake. I’d get them a gift, sometimes home-made, sometimes store-bought. For as long as I can remember, while I lived with them, my parents’ anniversary was a family celebration.

Of course what were they supposed to do? Have the cake and deprive me of a slice? They weren’t abusive, after all.

But as I got older, moved out, had my own children, I resisted celebrating my parents’ anniversary with them. This year when my dad asked what we were doing for their anniversary, I shook my head. “It’s your celebration,” I told them. And beyond a “Happy anniversary!” on the day of I leave it at that.

On my wedding anniversary, my husband and I usually go out to dinner, just the two of us, and celebrate privately. (Let’s face it, having kids at the table can make for a different, and more expensive, dining experience.) My parents think that’s odd. They think that an anniversary is a family holiday and should be celebrated by the whole family.

Different things work for different people. But am I right? Do most people celebrate their anniversary privately, without parents, inlays and kids? Or am I missing out on a festive occasion to collect some well-earned gifts?

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