Child Lurer In NJ Putting Parents On High Alert

I speak to my father everyday. (Okay, lying! We speak multiple times a day.) When he called me yesterday at 8 AM to see what JD and I were up to, I told him we were going to Van Saun Park. He launched into an irrational spiel about the man who has been attempting to lure children in Bergen County.

The only reason I count this as irrational is because it was a gorgeous, sunny day yesterday, perfect for the park and mostly because I am well aware of this creeper trying to kidnap children in our area. Not to mention, JD is five. The child is never out of my sight except when he’s at school which is on lockdown (you can’t enter the school without buzzing and showing your face. There’s a procedure for when other ppl pick up your child too). Of course, he’s with family and close friends when I’m on a date or just working overtime.

Honestly, I am not a helicopter mom, but when we are out and about he is with me. We hold hands. He pees in the ladies room with me in the stall. “It takes a second for someone to snatch him,” my dad said. “No one has a second when it comes to MY BABY,” I said.

Moments later Uncle Carlo started with a barrage of text messages because my father alerted him (And because my family is crazy.) that all included links to articles about the creeper. “DO NOT GO TO VAN SAUN,” he texted. “ABDUCTOR IS THERE, BEWARE” … “LISTEN TO ME, I AM THE GODFATHER” … “BRING JACK TO THE SEA IT IS SAFER” … “I KNOW ALL.”I turned the ringer off on my iPhone and made a picnic lunch. As I packed turkey sandwiches, cookies, cherry tomatoes and fruit, I explained to JD that we were going to the “big park.” (He knows Van Saun as the “big park” because it is huge, has a train, carousel and is home to the Bergen County Zoo. Last time we went to Van Saun I got stung by a freakin’ bee! Ouch.)

We talked about holding hands and sticking together with my single mom friend, Mareesa and her son Cristiano who is JD’s age. We talked about stranger danger. I told him people he doesn’t know who have puppies and toy cars are liars. Unless mommy is with you, you can’t pet a puppy and a stranger is not allowed to give you a toy. I’ve declined candy from random people. Sorry, but I don’t want my son thinking it’s OK for a stranger to give him candy. It’s not OK. Can Amy, Ed or any of my other friends give him a snack? Yes.

JD is well aware who the “safe people” are when it comes to babysitting, bathing, and bathroom help. He also knows to SCREAM, “HELP!” if someone he doesn’t know comes near him. I drill it into his head that I am the keeper of his secrets and we are attempting the “safe word” tactic. Carlo, Bri and I have a safe word. We all still know it. I am not telling you what it is. I have a “safe word” with my neighbors. If I text or say it, they know something is wrong. Remember on 90210 when Donna called David, “Dave?” Yeah. Ah, yes adult safe words work, too.

As for yesterday, the boys had a blast and they were never out of our sight. When they took to the big play structure, they were told to stay together and Batman and Spiderman did stay together as Mareesa and I tag-teamed the area since they were running around like nuts! Mareesa’s mom told her the same thing my dad and Carlo did—we both imagined that various people were predators. Until their children ran into their arms, yelling “Daddy.” Paranoid much?

Enjoy these pictures!

  • JD & Cristiano 1 of 8
    JD & Cristiano
    Best buds! (I met his mommy when I was freelancing at We're single mom besties for life.)
  • Swings! 2 of 8
    Kinda silly they wanted to ride in the toddler bucket swings, but eh, you're only young once!
  • Glitter tattoos 3 of 8
    Glitter tattoos
    JD is being Spiderman for Halloween, so he naturally wanted a ... SPIDER!
  • Animals 4 of 8
    The boys loved watching the Prairie Dogs eat and play. So cute!
  • Plotting 5 of 8
    Mareesa and I are in big trouble when these lil guys are teens. Oy!
  • Pony Rides 6 of 8
    Pony Rides
    My little cowboy had a blast on the pony ride.
  • Mommy & Me 7 of 8
    Mommy & Me
    I secretly love that the rules of the carousel specify JD is TOO YOUNG to ride alone. <3
  • Train! 8 of 8
    Mareesa, Crissy and JD on the train! Choo choo!!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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