Join Our Google Hangout to Celebrate Citizen Kid Day!

This Wednesday, August 27th, marks the first annual Citizen Kid Day, and we want you to join in on the fun!

What is a Citizen Kid, you may ask? It’s an ordinary kid doing something extraordinary, like this 14-year-old national chess master or this 13-year-old who developed his own foundation to feed people in need. Pretty amazing, right? You can learn about these talented kids and more on the Citizen Kid website, with new episodes going live every Wednesday.

To continue celebrating these incredible kids, tomorrow from 10-11 AM PST, Babble will present the Disney Citizen Kid Google Hangout, a special live online event where parents from Disney’s Citizen Kid web series and our bloggers will share tips and advice about how they’ve helped their children embrace their interests and talents to do extraordinary things in their communities.

Farah Miller, Executive Editor of Huffington Post’s family and relationships section, will lead the roundtable discussion where YOU can join the conversation to ask questions, offer comments, and share stories of amazing kids you know by using #CitizenKid on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Do you have an amazing babysitter who goes above and beyond for your family? Is your child obsessed with recycling? Do you know a kid who’s done something special to help out your community? Share their story, and join in on the celebration!

Walt Disney once said, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” The Citizen Kid series demonstrates the amazing things kids are capable of when parents, guardians, and loved ones give young minds the freedom and encouragement to live their dreams. Milk, the series’ exclusive sponsor, helps fuel active, successful days by encouraging families to start every day with milk. Each 8 oz. glass of milk has 8 grams of high-quality protein to help you power through your day.


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