Classic Superhero Costumes Go Stereotypically Girly This Halloween

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Make no mistake, I love me some pink. With the zest and sparkle of a 5-year-old girl I love pink. But why, oh why, did classic superhero costumes have to go all stereotypically girly and get pinkified?

Little girls with enough moxie to take on a superheroine this Halloween deserve a costume in true, original superhero form, not some pink-girly version that in no way resembles the original.

Let’s take a look at superhero costumes given the pink treatment just in time for Halloween – after the jump.

  • Spider-Girl Classic 1 of 9
    Spider-Girl Classic
    Spider-Girl is actually the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane who knew? Betcha also didn't know her costume is supposed to be a near exact replica of her father's.
    Available from Amazon, $23.86
  • Wonder Woman 2 of 9
    Wonder Woman
    Why give the pink treatment to one of the few original superheroines? Long live gold, red, and blue!
    Available from Amazon, $19.99
  • Supergirl 3 of 9
    According to the comic, Supergirl was sent to Earth by her parents in a costume closely resembling Superman's so that he'd know she was his cousin. Do you think The Man of Steel wore pink? Think again.
    Available from Amazon, $21.84
  • Spider-Girl Deluxe 4 of 9
    Spider-Girl Deluxe
    Sweet pink Spider-Girl, you look more like a cupcake than a threat to Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin!
    Available from Amazon, $29.97
  • Batgirl 5 of 9
    While Batgirl looks absolutely adorable in her little pink number, she hardly looks fierce enough to handle The Joker, The Riddler, and the rest of Gotham's adversaries. Batgirl deserves the black and yellow (and/or old school grey) treatment!
    Available from Amazon, $19.95
  • Spider-Girl 6 of 9
    Why do I feel like this costume should shoot glitter rather than webs?
    Available from Amazon, $14.99
  • Superhero Barbie 7 of 9
    Superhero Barbie
    I'd expect nothing less than an explosion of pink fabulousness all over this superhero Barbie costume.
    Available from Costume Craze, $45.09
  • Girl Superhero 8 of 9
    Girl Superhero
    In terms of non-specific superhero costumes, there's nothing wrong with a pink costume. Long live girl power!
    Available from Amazon, $15.45
  • Pink Superhero 9 of 9
    Pink Superhero
    You got me; this costume is just about the cutest thing with the little girl's name embroidered on her chest. You go, girl!
    Available from Pottery Barn Kids, $59

What are your thoughts on classic superhero costumes going stereotypically girly?

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