Times They Are A-Changin': Classic Toys Revamped

It is holiday time around here and with that comes the only time of year I spend time looking at toys, trying to decide what to buy for the kids. I prefer toys that the kids will enjoy playing with for more then just a few months and will keep their attention for a while.

Searching through the catalogues and online browsing I was reminiscing over the toys that I loved when I was a kid. I would spend a lot of time playing with my brothers and sister and have some stored away because they hold special meaning.

There are a lot of toys available now that I used to play with when I was younger. Tonka trucks, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony were a few of my favorites and I noticed they look totally different now. They have been updated, modernized and look almost nothing like what I remember.

Click through to see what 10 classic toys looked like THEN and NOW:

  • Dora Then 1 of 20
    Dora Then
    Classic-looking Dora the Explorer looking like a little tot. Happy, childlike and just like her TV counterpart.
    Photo Credit: KMClayton
  • Dora Now 2 of 20
    Dora Now
    A newly revamped Dora looking more realistic and much older. Losing the accessories such as her backpack, new Dora no longer looks like her TV character.
    Photo Credit: UsefulInfo
  • Tonka Truck Then 3 of 20
    Tonka Truck Then
    Classic metal yellow and red Tonka Truck was simple but got the point across that this was a 'tough machine'.
    Photo Credit: OdinartCollectables
  • Tonka Truck Now 4 of 20
    Tonka Truck Now
    New Tonka truck comes with larger wheels, colorful details and looks much more like a real dump truck.
    Photo Credit: Automopedia
  • My Little Pony Then 5 of 20
    My Little Pony Then
    The ponies I remember from my days of hours of endless play. These had short-but-there hair and didn't stand up very well. The only 'accessory' these came with was certain ones had fuzz all over instead of hard plastic.
    Photo Credit: VintagePonyToys
  • My Little Pony Now 6 of 20
    My Little Pony Now
    New designs, new wings and bolder colors. The new look goes along with the newly revamped version of their television show. Each comes with a new name, more hair, accessories. Plus they can stand on their own.
    Photo Credit: ToysRUs
  • GI Joe Then 7 of 20
    GI Joe Then
    Vintage GI Joe soldier toy has the appearance of an average solider. Big black boots and a pack to carry were his main accessories.
    Photo Credit: ToyBox101
  • GI Joe Now 8 of 20
    GI Joe Now
    Today's GI Joe now comes with more accessories with a focus on the weapons (look how many he has!) and he's bigger, more muscles and new outfits.
    Photo Credit: ToysRUs
  • Barbie Then 9 of 20
    Barbie Then
    Barbie from back in the day had very little focus on what her appearance was. Sure she's tiny and fit but she's got a simple hair style and little make up.
    Photo Credit: HouseofJroy
  • Barbie Now 10 of 20
    Barbie Now
    New Barbie now looks much more modernized with an updated hair color, more make up and accessories to fit almost any career (and she can bend her joints now).
    Photo Credit: ToysRUs
  • X-Men Then 11 of 20
    X-Men Then
    Classic X-men toys resembled the comic books with their bright costumes and cartoon-like appearance.
    Photo Credit: The Toy Zone
  • X-Men Now 12 of 20
    X-Men Now
    New X-men toys now look more like the live action movies. Angry, humanized and can pull off a lot more moves.
    Photo Credit: Toys R Us
  • Strawberry Shortcake Then 13 of 20
    Strawberry Shortcake Then
    Sweet and wholesome vintage Strawberry Shortcake was often found with her cute innocent hat and accessories that had her active and outside.
    Photo Credit: Toy Mania
  • Strawberry Shortcake Now 14 of 20
    Strawberry Shortcake Now
    Newly revamped and modernized Strawberry Shortcake now cares about her appearance. She comes complete with make up,an updated smile and a new hat.
    Photo Credit: ToysRUs
  • Care Bear Then 15 of 20
    Care Bear Then
    Old classic Grumpy Care Bear still had a smile and was very soft and cuddly. He looked very similar to the other Care Bears never knowing he was actually grumpy
    Photo Credit: Polyvore
  • Care Bear Now 16 of 20
    Care Bear Now
    New Grumpy Care Bear now with more expression on his face which is now closer to his namesake. He now stands out as the grumpy one when with the other Care Bears.
    Photo Credit: Tys Toy Box
  • Ken Then 17 of 20
    Ken Then
    Vintage Ken resembled the everyday guy with a long and lean look. He kept it simple with his basic (and plastic) hairstyle.
    Photo Credit: HouseofJeroy
  • Ken Now 18 of 20
    Ken Now
    Newly updated Ken doll now seems to care about his appearance. He comes complete with actual hair to brush, more muscles and flashy style. New Ken apparently cares a lot more about his appearance.
    Photo Credit: ToysRUs
  • Batman Then 19 of 20
    Batman Then
    Old Batman action figures resembled more the old tv show and comic books. Bright colors and a had a "happier but tough" look about him. Always fought with his hands and cape.
    Photo Credit: Rakuten
  • Batman Now 20 of 20
    Batman Now
    New Batman now resembles the movies and has many more accessories included. A more dreary look to him, updated Batman comes with crime-fighting accessories - ready to take anything on. He now comes with a wide variety of weapons and a black cape.
    Photo Credit: Toys R Us

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