7 Computer Games My Kids Love to Play While Secretly Learning

When I was a very little girl, my parents put me in my first computer class when I was four years old. Back in the day (ahem) there were not classes offered to kids so my parents just put us into an adult class. I have been using computers ever since and have found it very useful that I know my way around them so well.

My kids love to spend time on the computer playing games and watching videos. I find it a huge benefit because both Big P & Princess R are enrolled in French Immersion school — and I do not speak (much) French myself. I encourage them to pick websites that are French speaking and with the internet and a computer I can learn right along with them.

Click through for the top 7 computer game websites my kids love to spend time on:

  • PBS Kids 1 of 7
    PBS Kids
    Games from the kid fun PBS shows this website allows my kids to pick and choose from a variety of games.
    Go Visit:
  • Toopy and Binoo 2 of 7
    Toopy and Binoo
    Adapted from the much loved French Canadian book series Toopy and Binoo offers an interactive English speaking adventure.
    Go Visit: Toopy and Binoo
  • Treehouse TV 3 of 7
    Treehouse TV
    Another site that offers a variety of games and videos from much loved shows.
    Go Visit: Treehouse TV
  • Angry Birds 4 of 7
    Angry Birds
    Everyone knows Angry Birds can be played on your phone or iPads. Now available in a Chrome extension the kids can play while you talk on the phone (hehe...tweet on the phone).
    Go Visit: Angry Birds
  • Literacy Center 5 of 7
    Literacy Center
    French speaking website with interactive games that teach the French alphabet and basic words.
    Go Visit: Literacy Center
  • Mini TFO 6 of 7
    Mini TFO
    A French spoken website that takes the kids on a few different adventures.
    Go Visit: Mini TFO
  • Poisson Rouge 7 of 7
    Poisson Rouge
    This is my favorite site and the one the kids spend the most amount of time on. Offers both English and French and a huge variety of games make learning fun.
    Go Visit: Poisson Rouge

:: Do your kids love to use the computer? ::

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