Confession: I Hate Doing Crafty Projects with My Kids!

 I Hate Doing Crafty Projects With My Kids!Before I had kids and even when they were infants, I had this vision of the kind of mother I would be. I always felt I would be that typical stay-at-home mom you see on tv who is so involved with their kids doing everything under the sun.

I envisioned we would bake cookies and make a mess. I thought we would spend time making really cute craft projects for the house and each other. I believed that I would not only take the time to go all the messy things with the kids, but I would totally love it too.

It’s funny how we can have an idea about how things are going to go only to have the truth reveal itself years later. That’s exactly what happened for me when my kids got old enough.

The truth is, I hate doing crafty projects with my kids. Yes, hate is a strong word and I have chosen it for that reason.

It never seems to work out quite like you see on tv: the kids all sitting with smiles on their faces around the sunlit kitchen table. Together they neatly craft amazing pieces of, well, art basically and it all looks like a lovely way to spend an hour.

What the truth ends up being is paint all over the curtains, kids who fight over the same color bead they want to add to their over-glued project. The final project never looks anything like what was intended and everyone is in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

If that’s not bad enough, for the next two weeks you find glitter stuck to places that are no where near where this crappy project took place and you’ll be tripping on beads all over the place.

It’s one of those things you’re supposed to do with your kids. I put up with it once in a while, but oh boy do I hate it. And you know what? It’s only getting worse too since the launch of Pinterest.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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