Confession: My Kids Are Embarrassed by My Halloween Costume

I love Halloween. Well, love is a strong word, but I like it a lot as a friend. I love the candy (duh), the costumes, the fact that I get to dress up and get candy! I love the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, I love the Lou Reed song, I love- oh? What? Oh, right, kids. I love the way my kids love Halloween!



But back to me.

I get a different costume every year. One year I was the Statue of Liberty, the next I was Super Mario (it was a little awkward when I ran into Luigi and he was a bit standoffish). Last year I was Po, the red and most adorable Teletubby.

For some reason, my kids were embarrassed.


You’re embarrassed because your mom can rock the Teletubby costume? Please.

I wore it with pride.

This year my kids are pre-embarrassed by me.

“Hey, what do you think I should be this Halloween?” I asked them recently. Unfortunately a repeat of the Po costume will not be possible because I lost one of the Po feet. (Although I suspect there has been some sabotage involved.)

“NOT AGAIN!” one of the kids shrieked.

“Whatever you want, so long as you’re nowhere near me,” the other said.

You’d think talk like that would deter a person.

Not me.

I’m still considering my costume for this year.

Because that Halloween candy doesn’t just happen, you know.

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