Moms Share the 20 Things That Boost Their Confidence

Do you believe me?

On a scale from 1-10, where would you rank your self-confidence as a mother? I’m talking this moment, right now, not last year when your skinny jeans fit so nicely or perhaps you were in the dumps. As you read this, where would you place yourself on the number line, 10 being very confident?

I so wish I could be a fly on your brain and listen in on your answers. I’m sure every number on the scale would be covered. If you said a 1, I want to give you the biggest virtual hug right now. And if you’re closer to a 10, I want to hug you too and give you a ginormous pat on the back.

The topic of self-confidence has been on my mind ever since I wrote about bully-proofing our kids, which talks about the importance of self-confidence in kids. One of the ways we can help them boost their confidence is by giving our own confidence a lift. Our kids mirror us. Even if we aren’t vocally self-depricating or self-praising, they sense our confidence and follow our lead. That’s why a mother’s self-esteem can significantly help (or hurt) her own child’s feeling of self-worth. How we feel about ourselves is pretty darn important if you ask me.

I run. (Well, I used to run.) That was before morning sickness and shortness of breath became my daily ritual. Running for me was my daily course of anger management. But it was also my confidence booster. It was how I established love for myself and a deep feeling of self-worth. I remember the first time I ran a mile without stopping. I thought I was the coolest. Seriously, I wanted to have a t-shirt made that said, “Oh-Yeah, I can a run a mile without stopping!” I know, laugh it up, I’m having myself a good chuckle over here too. When I ran 5 miles, I thought I was having an outer-body experience. I’d heard of people who ran 5 miles and always wondered if I should bow down to them. I started racing and really pushing myself because I loved the way I felt every time I accomplished something I thought to be impossible for me. When I crossed the finish line of my first marathon, I was a completely new person. At that moment I felt I could conquer the world. You could say I was at a 20 on the confident number scale. Wow, what a feeling! My husband and kids were so proud too and life was awesome!

Since I’m not running right now, I find my confidence hovering around a 5 on the number scale. Right smack dab in the middle. I have days where I climb upwards toward an 8 and days when I plummet closer to a 2. I realize that my confidence can not solely rely on the number of miles I put in during the week. I have to have other sources. Thank goodness there’s writing! It’s not the same as pounding the pavement but I enjoy starting with a blank screen and filling it with words. I can visually see an accomplishment.

As mothers, I think we need a confidence reservoir to quench that dying thirst when we’re running low. What we did or do outside of mothering can’t be the only thing that boosts our confidence and the same is true with mothering. We can not solely rely on our children to give us the boost we need to keep going. A balance of both would be ideal.

I asked several women and mothers to share what helps them feel confident, especially when their tank is in the red.

Here are their 20 confidence boosters…

  • Warm Fuzzies 1 of 19
    Warm Fuzzies
    "I keep a folder called 'warm fuzzies' in my email and whenever I feel down on myself I read back through them." This mother also said that "It's hard to feel bad about your existence when you have a dozen emails from strangers telling you how you changed their life by living yours." That is beautiful.
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  • Time to Call Mom 2 of 19
    Time to Call Mom
    "I call my mom. She thinks I'm far more talented/great/funny/beautiful than I actually am." Our own mothers can be our biggest fans, and if we need a little pick-me-up, they can say just the right thing to help us feel better.
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  • That’s My Kid! 3 of 19
    That's My Kid!
    Watching our children succeed can really help us as mothers feel proud. When we put in the effort to help them and they work hard towards a goal, we all walk away with a sense of achievement.
  • What’s New? 4 of 19
    What's New?
    Reading the newspaper or keeping up with the latest was one way a mother got her confidence boost. She said it helped her feel smart and fed her brain.
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  • S.O.S 5 of 19
    "I have a raving fan in my husband. Whenever my confidence wavers, he is there to pump me back up." So true. Calling in some reinforcement from partners can be a big help.
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  • Done! 6 of 19
    Several mothers said they feel good about themselves when they have the laundry folded and a clean house. Basically, when there is something to show for the hours of hard work.
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  • Give Me Strength 7 of 19
    Give Me Strength
    Fitness goals can really boost self-esteem. Working hard toward a specific goal and then accomplishing it says you're pretty awesome and you can do hard things. Just one more push-up...
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  • Stay Away 8 of 19
    Stay Away
    One mother said she tries to stay away from whatever brings her down. If reading blogs (you know the ones where the people are 'perfect') or being with people that don't elevate your spirit, are bringing your own confidence down...ditch 'em! We are too valuable to allow negative influences have that kind of effect.
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  • Finish That Book Already 9 of 19
    Finish That Book Already
    Just like reading the newspaper or keeping up on the latest can help feed our brain, finishing a good book can also help us feel like we're contributing to our mental well-being and achieving something.
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  • Productive 10 of 19
    Several mothers agreed that when they are busy and productive they feel much better. So, if you're lacking in positive things to do, start your list and start accomplishing.
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  • Remember 11 of 19
    I like to look back on confident times when I'm feeling low. Photos and family videos can instantly change our mood and confidence. (I just gone done browsing old photos of my races and I remember now that I still exist and I will be that girl again very soon. It works!)
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  • Look Cute 12 of 19
    Look Cute
    Here's a quick fix when you're confidence tank is a little low. Put on some great shoes and make yourself look cute. While you're at it, go out shopping and turn some heads with your beauty!
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  • Hang Out 13 of 19
    Hang Out
    Hang with friends that love you when you're down and when you're up and feast on their kind words and positive vibe.
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  • You are… 14 of 19
    You are...
    Praise is another helpful booster! When we're not sure what to think of ourselves, others can help remind us how important we are. One mother said she always feels better when her work is praised and validated. So, go fishing for some praise if you must!
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  • Teacher 15 of 19
    Teaching was a booster for another mother. That's a great way to feel accomplished and confident. What can you teach someone to do today?
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  • On Top of it 16 of 19
    On Top of it
    "When dinner is ready and I'm on top of my schedule, I feel great about myself." I can relate to that feeling! If only I could be on top every day! I think setting small goals throughout the day that are realistic like having dinner made in time is a great way to feel confidence.
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  • Create Beauty 17 of 19
    Create Beauty
    Stop sulking and create something beautiful! Know how to bake a cake? How about make a pillow? Re-arrange a room, whatever it takes, just create something and feel the pride that comes with that.
  • Step Outside 18 of 19
    Step Outside
    Stepping outside ourselves and lending a charitable hand can only make us feel better about who we are. It may be time to forget ourselves and think of others.
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  • Enjoy 19 of 19
    For me, I feel good when I'm able to enjoy the small moments that make being a mother so special. When I can stop and really "see" my kids, I feel confident that I have the best job in the world.
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What do you do when you need a self-esteem boost?


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