Thousands of Tiny Things Making Art.

So technically this is yarn bombing...

There are a lot of art installments that I just don’t understand. I saw one here locally that was a giant room with pieces of yarn strung from one corner to another. That’s it. Yarn. Corner to corner. I’ve seen others that are pretty cool, the Indianapolis Museum of Art has a thick glass floor that is held up by thousands of tiny figures with upturned palms. I’m never the one to stand back and say “My kid could do that” or “What the…?” because this is someone’s life work. I may not understand it, but I can at least respect it. I try really hard to expose my daughter to very different kinds of art, especially contemporary, and while she may not understand everything that goes into them either, she has a good eye for what’s cool and what’s really, really cool.

Have you seen any spectacular art installments lately?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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