Cool & Creative Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

We love Valentine’s Day in this household. My kids have been planning their Valentine’s Day card for the past few weeks.

Sometimes they like to buy cards and sometimes they like to make cards. This year we are making cards.

Each of my three children picked a different card and we are starting this weekend.

Here are  some of the most creative and cool cards for kids that I found for Valentine’s Day.

Do your kids make or buy cards for Valentine’s Day?

  • I Mustache You a Question 1 of 34
    I Mustache You a Question
    This card is awesome! I tried to get my son to pick this one but he didn't. The mustache is glued onto the card.
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Cereal 2 of 34
    Add a heart tag that says, "Have a CEREALsly great Valentine's Day!"
    Source: via Beth on Pinterest
  • Super Heroes 3 of 34
    Super Heroes
    How adorable is this? My kids love super heroes and lollipops!
    Source: via Abbi on Pinterest
  • Re-purposing with a Purpose 4 of 34
    Re-purposing with a Purpose
    If you are like us, you have tons of leftover crayons. Check out this creative way to make Valentine's Day cards out of them.
    Source: via Steffi on Pinterest
  • I Dig You! 5 of 34
    I Dig You!
    This is a great, crafty Valentine's Day card that the kids will love!
    Source: Disney Family Fun via Steffi on Pinterest
  • Holding the Lollipop 6 of 34
    Holding the Lollipop
    Besides the fact that this is the son of my friend Felicia from Go Graham Go, I really love this card. My daughter chose this for her class and we are having fun picking out just the perfect picture to use.
  • I’m a Sucker! 7 of 34
    I'm a Sucker!
    Can you tell I like the lollipop cards?
    Source: via Beth on Pinterest
  • Lollipops and Butterflies 8 of 34
    Lollipops and Butterflies
    My youngest child loves butterflies and wants to make this card.
    Source: via Beth on Pinterest
  • Pencil Card 9 of 34
    Pencil Card
    This is a great no candy option!
    Source: via Beth on Pinterest
  • Robots 10 of 34
    This is the clear winner for my son so far!
  • Goldfish 11 of 34
    Another great no candy option!
    Source: via Kelby on Pinterest
  • Pop Rocks and Peeps 12 of 34
    Pop Rocks and Peeps
    These cards are so cute and creative!
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Snap to it! 13 of 34
    Snap to it!
    What kid wouldn't love this adorable alligator card?
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Bouncy Ball 14 of 34
    Bouncy Ball
    This Valentine's Day card idea is just pure awesome!
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Pencils with Kisses 15 of 34
    Pencils with Kisses
    These pencils made with Hershey Kisses could not be cuter!
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Arrrrgh Matey!! 16 of 34
    Arrrrgh Matey!!
    What could be better than pirate Valentine's?
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Red Hot Valentine’s 17 of 34
    Red Hot Valentine's
    Add your child's favorite candy along with a picture of them blowing hearts. Just adorable!
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Bookmark It! 18 of 34
    Bookmark It!
    This is another great candy free option.
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Finger Puppets 19 of 34
    Finger Puppets
    These handmade finger puppets slip right off the card. How cute!
    Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
  • Bookmarks 20 of 34
    Is it so wrong that I hope someone gives me one of these stitched heart bookmark Valentine's Day cards?
    Source: via Tricia on Pinterest
  • Bubbles 21 of 34
    Little containers of bubbles with your Valentine's Day cards.
    Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
  • For Animal Lovers 22 of 34
    For Animal Lovers
    This easy-to-make Valentine's Day card will delight animal lovers!
    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest
  • Hands 23 of 34
    The sky is the limit with creativity on these cards. You can glue candy hearts, add glitter and more
    Source: via Amy on Pinterest
  • Ladybug 24 of 34
    This is the cutest card that is easy for little kids to make as well.
  • Burst My Bubble 25 of 34
    Burst My Bubble
    This is a fabulously creative card and would be great for birthday parties too!
    Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

  • The Way You Roll 26 of 34
    The Way You Roll
    This is a cute, quick card that can use a variety of candy such as Tootsie Rolls, Smarties and more.
    Source: via Andrea on Pinterest
  • Buttoned Up 27 of 34
    Buttoned Up
    This card is great for little hands to make and can be done with all of those buttons around your house.
    Source: via Choix on Pinterest
  • Shaving Cream Cards 28 of 34
    Shaving Cream Cards there anything cooler than these cards? I don't think so!
    Source: via Camille on Pinterest</i?
  • Old School 29 of 34
    Old School
    This is how we made them when I was a kid. Old school yet never out of style!
    Source: via Gill on Pinterest
  • Simple Yet Perfect 30 of 34
    Simple Yet Perfect
    These cards will definitely be keepers. They are adorable!
    Source: via Deb on Pinterest
  • Knot Be The Same 31 of 34
    Knot Be The Same
    These friendship bracelets would be so cute on heart shaped cards too.
    Source: via Deb on Pinterest
  • Printable Butterfly Heart 32 of 34
    Printable Butterfly Heart
    Add a Pixie Stick or a pencil and these are ready to go.
    Source: via Deb on Pinterest
  • Valentine’s Day Card Holder 33 of 34
    Valentine's Day Card Holder
    Of course you need a holder to put them in right? This used to be a cereal box!
    Source: Plaid
  • Monster Card Holder 34 of 34
    Monster Card Holder
    This is just as cute as the cards.
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