28 Cool Vintage School Library Posters Inspire Students To Read

vintage school library poster

The library. A mandatory place of visitation when you and I went to school, but if you believe the stories on how kids today are doing cut-and-paste research on Wikipedia, you’d expect it to be a lonely place to be a librarian.

That is not the case for Joelle Enokson, a Junior High librarian in Edmonton who is a bit of an internet sensation thanks to a collection of catchy vintage library posters.

She originally found the 1960s era posters, from the FA Owen Publishing Company, in a cupboard 15 years ago, when she first started her job, and placed them aside.

A few years ago she rediscovered them and posted them to Flickr, where people started taking notice of the unique images, themes, and graphics on the posters.

See the full collection of library inspiring art, after the jump.

“When I first found them, I didn’t appreciate or understand their value, monetary or design-wise,” she told the Edmonton Journal. “But I’ve had many, many emails from people requesting me to put higher-resolution pictures on Flickr, from people who want to buy reproductions.”

Her collection has had more than a quarter million views since The New Yorker‘s Page Turner blog publicized the posters this summer.

  • Good Books 1 of 28
    Good Books
    will satisfy your curiosity too!
  • Detective Dan 2 of 28
    Detective Dan
    knows all the sources of information!
  • Fiction 3 of 28
    Books are organized in alphabetical order by the author's last name.
  • As The World Changes 4 of 28
    As The World Changes
    keep up with it .. through books!
  • It’s Easier 5 of 28
    It's Easier
    ... when you use books!
  • Books Are Arranged 6 of 28
    Books Are Arranged
    Left to right on each shelf. Top to bottom on each shelf.
  • Interested In Sports? 7 of 28
    Interested In Sports?
    Books on boxing, wrestling, baseball ...
  • In The Library … 8 of 28
    In The Library ...
    We read for pleasure and information. We borrow or return books. We find answers to questions.
  • What’s Ahead In Science? 9 of 28
    What's Ahead In Science?
    rockets, missiles, satellites.
  • You Open The World … 10 of 28
    You Open The World ...
    When you open a book.
  • What’s Your Future? 11 of 28
    What's Your Future?
    Find it in books.
  • Stories Of The Sea .. 12 of 28
    Stories Of The Sea ..
    Visit your school library.
  • Bookworm 13 of 28
  • Looking For Help? 14 of 28
    Looking For Help?
    We have many fine reference books and pamphlets.
  • Happy Holidays 15 of 28
    Happy Holidays
    from your school library.
  • Cruise Through A Book 16 of 28
    Cruise Through A Book
    helps you to chart your course.
  • Nonfiction 17 of 28
    books are arranged by Dewey decimal numbers.
  • Read More – 18 of 28
    Read More -
    Know More
  • Management 19 of 28
    We have books, pamphlets, charts, data.
  • An Elephant Never Forgets 20 of 28
    An Elephant Never Forgets
    But if YOU do .. visit your school library.
  • Bored? 21 of 28
    Why not read an exciting book?
  • The Encyclopedia 22 of 28
    The Encyclopedia
  • Your Library 23 of 28
    Your Library
    has loads of information
  • For Quickies 24 of 28
    For Quickies
    Dan snoops in special references.
  • When You Want Facts 25 of 28
    When You Want Facts
    visit your school library.
  • Where In A Book 26 of 28
    Where In A Book
  • There’s Romance 27 of 28
    There's Romance
    in books.
  • The Book Hunter 28 of 28
    The Book Hunter
    spots the target by its author, title, and call number.

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All images used with permission of Joelle Enokson

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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