Coolest Easter Eggs Ever

Decorating Easter eggs is something that I did as child and is almost like a rite of passage in my family.

My mother was an art teacher and she really took her egg decorating seriously. We used natural dyes, bottled dyes and pretty much anything else that we could find to make what was always the most creative eggs on the block.

I started searching this year to see what kinds of creativity I could find this year when it came to Easter eggs.

Here are some of the my favorites:

  • Water Color Easter Eggs 1 of 16
    Water Color Easter Eggs
    Spoon dye over the eggs for a water color effect.
    Source: Spoon Fork Bacon
  • Origami Easter Eggs 2 of 16
    Origami Easter Eggs
    Draw flowers freehand, cut them out and then affix them to the eggs.
    Source: Better Homes & Gardens
  • Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs 3 of 16
    Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs
    Use rubber bands, glue, stickers and more while dying eggs for this tie-dyed effect.
    Source: Better Homes & Gardens
  • Lace Trimmed Easter Eggs 4 of 16
    Lace Trimmed Easter Eggs
    Cut out doilies and affix them to your eggs after dying.
    Source: Enchanted Fairytale Dreams
  • Ukranian Easter Eggs 5 of 16
    Ukranian Easter Eggs
    These eggs are truly works of art.
    Source: Easter Eggs Pictures
  • Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs 6 of 16
    Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs
    Who knew that there were so many ways to naturally dye Easter eggs? Coffee, grape juice, wine, tea, onion skins and more!
    Source: Two Men and a Little Farm
  • Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs 7 of 16
    Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs
    What kid wouldn't be excited about Kool Aid dyed Easter eggs? These eggs are vibrant and so colorful.
    Source: Examiner
  • Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs from Martha Stewart 8 of 16
    Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs from Martha Stewart
    Wrap thread around your eggs before dying for this efffect.
    Source: Martha Stewart
  • Subway Art Painted Easter Eggs 9 of 16
    Subway Art Painted Easter Eggs
    I love the look of these eggs. You could create your own messages.
    Source: Lil' Luna
  • Silhouette Easter Eggs 10 of 16
    Silhouette Easter Eggs
    I would love to do silhouette's of my children on these eggs.
    Source: Le Papier Studio
  • Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs 11 of 16
    Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs
    Place rubber bands around your eggs and dye them in different colors for this look.
    Source: Inkspired Musings
  • Silk Dyed Easter Eggs 12 of 16
    Silk Dyed Easter Eggs
    They used actual men's silk ties to dye this eggs. Very creative and different.
    Source: Our Best Bites
  • Surprise Marbled Easter Eggs 13 of 16
    Surprise Marbled Easter Eggs
    Crack the eggs after boiling yet before dying to create this colorful effect.
    Source: Narcissism is Necessary
  • Monogrammed Easter Eggs 14 of 16
    Monogrammed Easter Eggs
    You can put the initials of everyone in your family on these eggs.
    Source: Lil' Luna
  • Washi Tape Easter Eggs 15 of 16
    Washi Tape Easter Eggs
    I never considered using Washi tape. Until now. These eggs look fabulous!
    Source: Japanistic
  • Ribboned Easter Eggs 16 of 16
    Ribboned Easter Eggs
    Using scraps and leftover ribbon can make your eggs look very festive.
    Source: Delish



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