10 Cozy Costumes to Keep Kids Warm on Halloween Night

When you were a kid, did you ever suffer the indignation of having to put a coat on over your costume? It ruins everything!

On the other hand, did you ever freeze all through Halloween because you stubbornly insisted, as I did, that “Genies don’t wear tights!”

And yet we find ourselves subjecting our kids to the same humiliation if the forecast drops below 60. Save your kids from freezing on Halloween by steering them toward warm costumes. These toasty classics never go out of style–No  coat required.

  • Buntings for Babies 1 of 10
    New little babies won't remember their first Halloween, but you'll want pictures! Snuggle your newbie into a bunting costume and take them around your neighborhood. (You can eat all the candy they get.) You can make and buy all kinds of bunting costumes from pea pods to Superman. Plus: Buntings keep babies warm and make diaper changes easy.
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  • I’ll eat you up, I love you so 2 of 10
    Toddlers stay comfy in zip-up fleece costumes like this version of Max from Where the Wild Things Are. Buy or make from a warm sleeper and when they're tuckered out from Trick or Treating you can put them straight to bed in it.
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  • Fuzzy and Furry 3 of 10
    Lions and tigers and Elmo, oh my. Preschoolers love The Muppets and are fascinated with the animal kingdom. Keep them warm on Halloween night in a costume that's furry or fuzzy.
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  • LIttle guys love rescue heroes 4 of 10
    Fire fighters and cops are perennial favorites for little boys. Why not wear a costume with a cool coat built in? They can wear warm clothes or even PJs underneath. We have this fire fighter costume and my kids use it for dress up play much more often than just once a year.
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  • Anything made from sweats 5 of 10
    Inexpensive sweats can be a starting point for a number of costumes. Buzz Lightyear was one of the first homemade costumes I ever put together for my son. Sweats are warm and soft, simple to embellish, and easy to get on and off. To infinity, and beyond.
    Check out more homemade costumes from http://nikki-fancythat.blogspot.com
  • Classic Skeleton 6 of 10
    Mummies, skeletons, ghosts, and vampires are warm bets for Trick or Treating. Go for a classic that never gets old, figuratively speaking.
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  • Hope for a warm night 7 of 10
    Sometimes there's just no dissuading them from something skimpy. If they shun a turtleneck underneath and say no to tights or leggings, hope for a mild night and send them out there with nothing but a candy high to keep them warm. It usually works. Just look for a Tinkerbell with a little coverage.
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  • Victorian-Era witches and princesses 8 of 10
    If you can talk them into it, Rapunzel and the like are much warmer options than Tinker bell and Arial. Long sleeves, thicker fabric, and tea length skirts kept our Victorian ancestors warm through the cruelest winters and they'll keep your little princess toasty on All Hallow's Eve.
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  • Modern Heroes and Crossplay 9 of 10
    Super hero costumes for girls are notoriously skimp-tastic. Try for modern heroes like Power Rangers or this new take on Cat Woman. And there's always cross-play. Dress your daughter as Superman instead of Wonder Woman — at least Superman gets to wear tights.
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  • Why not dress as Santa Claus? 10 of 10
    My son was Santa Claus last year. It was great — he stayed warm with a hat, coat, and gloves as part of the costume. Ho ho hold it right there while I eat a bowlful of Tootsie Rolls.
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