Creative Uses for Easter Peeps

For as long as I can remember, my dad has loved Peeps.

He loves the yellow ones. He loves the blue ones. He loves the green ones. He loves the pink ones. He loves the purple. He is a Peeps connoisseur. The guy has never met a Peep he doesn’t like. My children and husband share this same love of Peeps.

As a result, I buy a lot of Peeps before and after every holiday. I am also always searching for cute things to do with Peeps since I do get some really great deals.

When searching the Internet, I found a ton of great ideas on things that you can with those leftover Peeps. My kids and I plan on making several of these this weekend.

  • Peeps Lemon Meringue Nests 1 of 15
    Peeps Lemon Meringue Nests
    A little marshmallow with my meringue sounds delicious.
    Source: Peeps
  • Peeps Smores 2 of 15
    Peeps Smores
    We have all had Smores but have you ever tried them with Peeps? YUM!
    Source: Steamy Kitchen
  • Peeps Easter Wreath 3 of 15
    Peeps Easter Wreath
    I never even considered making a wreath but I really love this and am planning to make one for my home.
    Source: Our Best Bites
  • Tuxedo Peeps 4 of 15
    Tuxedo Peeps
    How cute are these little guys? You can dress your Peeps up with a little chocolate and a bowtie.
    Source: Babble Family Kitchen
  • Jersey Shore Re-enactment 5 of 15
    Jersey Shore Re-enactment
    OMG this is about the funniest thing ever. A Snooki Peep?? I was amazed at how many Peeps reenactments I found when searching the Internet. I found Stars Wars and several other movies but this was the funniest by far.
    Source: Broward Palm Beach blog
  • Peeps Topiary 6 of 15
    Peeps Topiary
    This topiary is festive and creative. It will delight any Peeps lover.
    Source: The Hungry Mouse
  • Peeps Table Centerpiece 7 of 15
    Peeps Table Centerpiece
    I am loving this monochromatic centerpiece with pink Peeps and flowers.
    Source: Flower Duet
  • Chocolate Coated Peeps 8 of 15
    Chocolate Coated Peeps
    These Peeps dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles look amazing!
    Source: Best Friends for Frosting
  • Peep and Jellybean Garland 9 of 15
    Peep and Jellybean Garland
    I found this on an entire blog dedicated to Peeps. Very cute and festive Peeps garland.
    Source: Peep This
  • Crispy Bunny Treats with Peeps 10 of 15
    Crispy Bunny Treats with Peeps
    Combining two of my kids favorite things seems like the perfect combination.
    Source: Babble Family Kitchen
  • Peeps Cake Pops 11 of 15
    Peeps Cake Pops
    The cake pops craze has finally included Peeps. I love these and cannot wait to try out this recipe.
    Source: I am Baker
  • Peeps in the Nest 12 of 15
    Peeps in the Nest
    These little guys nesting in an edible nest is fairly easy if the kids want to help.
    Source: The Crafting Chicks
  • Peeps Sunflower Cake 13 of 15
    Peeps Sunflower Cake
    This sunflower cake decorated with yellow Peeps is the perfect party treat for your guests.
    Source: Taste of Home
  • Another Peeps Wreath Idea 14 of 15
    Another Peeps Wreath Idea
    I am loving these Peeps wreaths so much that I may need to do one for the door of my kitchen as well.
    Source: Thrifty 101
  • Peeps Blue Raspberry Sparkle Beverage 15 of 15
    Peeps Blue Raspberry Sparkle Beverage
    Nothing quite says refreshing like a blue drink with a yellow Peep floating in it. Yum!
    Source: Peeps



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