Cute Overload: Send Your Kid’s Lovey on the Trip of a Lifetime

A friend of mine wrote a book, The Cycling Adventures Of Coconuthead.

It was published in the pre-selfie era about a solo adventure he took to circumnavigate the country in promotion of alternative transportation. ”¨”¨To document his travels, he brought along a goofy coconut head and took pictures of it at different landmarks. Since Ted couldn’t always be in the photos, the coconut head was a silly avatar for himself on the trip.

When my wife and I go away on trips without our boys, we often bring a couple of their little characters with us to take pictures of on our travels. It’s like the boys are there, without being there.

We brought Buzz Lightyear to Brazil

Taking Kids Toys Around The World
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Last spring I brought Luke Skywalker and R2D2 to Scotland.

Taking Your Kids Toys Around The World
Image via DadCAMP

It’s a fun way to connect the kids with mom and dad when we travel without them.

If you can’t afford a spring break vacation for the family this year, you could do the next best thing by sending one of your children’s stuffies on a trip of their own.

For less than $100, Japan’s Unagi Travel, a travel agency for stuffed toys (seriously), will take a child’s favorite toy on a Japanese adventure and then send stories back with photos and tales via Facebook. The Roaming Gnome never had it so good.

The concept is simple enough, you send your stuffie to the agency and they pack them off for a 2 or 3 week trip around Tokyo, Kyoto, Onsen, or a mystery adventure.

The cute overload is too much.

While the bear, shark, doll, or frog is away on vacation, a handwritten postcard arrives talking about their adventures. When the snuggly friend returns home, they bring a picture book and CD-ROM filled with photos of their adventures.

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