Cute Overload: Kids With Moustaches

cute kids wearing moustachesIt’s Movember.

I am reminded by this so often that I have caught myself using Movember instead of November in conversation.

Men and their moustaches are everywhere. Awareness is being pushed to the fore as men encourage each other to talk about their health. Movember is funneling funds to prostate cancer and mental health charities – if the Mo’ is registered.

Accessories for those not able to grow a Mo are popular. You should check out this list of fake moustaches on a stick, dresses, earrings, and pacifiers so the whole family can get involved.

But it doesn’t stop there! After the jump, 34 absolutely adorable pictures of kids sporting mustaches. Or is it moustaches? Expect a lot of random spelling alongside fake, real, and accessorized facial accoutrements. These ones won’t bother you like that furry lip your husband has been trying to grow this Movember.

  • Merry Christmas 1 of 33
    Merry Christmas
    Quite possibly the greatest Christmas card evar.
    Image Credit Kart Family
  • Smart Enough? 2 of 33
    Smart Enough?
    Jeff Foxworthy in 5th grade.
    Image Credit iStockPhoto
  • Gotta Scratch 3 of 33
    Gotta Scratch
    Trust me kid, in about 5 seconds it's not your ear that will be itchy.
    Image Credit Styled Creative
  • The Brady Bunch 4 of 33
    The Brady Bunch
    The moustaches are great, but it's the center bottom pic that has me freaked.
    Image Credit iStockPhoto
  • Man Inside The Boy 5 of 33
    Man Inside The Boy
    This one is creepiest because it doesn't look out of place. You can see the man inside the boy.
    Image Credit Bibelot
  • Black Swan 6 of 33
    Black Swan
    If you're going to stalk the prima ballerina, you need a good disguise.
    Image Credit iStockPhoto
  • Paparazzi 7 of 33
    Best Hollywood disguise ever. I swear this is really Kate Hudson.
    Image Credit Mandy Kay
  • Juan Jr 8 of 33
    Juan Jr
    Juan Valdez wasn't just picking coffee beans in the mountains..
    Image Credit Styled Creative
  • Zacharie 9 of 33
    My oldest son gets a little fur courtesy of PicMonkey.
    via Buzz Bishop. No use without permission.
  • All In The Family 10 of 33
    All In The Family
    You have to love a family with a sense of humor.
    Image Credit M4K
  • Guilty 11 of 33
    YOU! I mustache you a question...
    Image Credit iStockPhoto
  • Villainous 12 of 33
    Never mind being the damsel tied to the tracks, this is the villain!
    Image Credit Bibelot
  • Daddy’s Little Girl 13 of 33
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Well, I don't know about the eyes, but I know who she gets her moustache from.
    Image Credit iStockPhoto
  • Blue Steel 14 of 33
    Blue Steel
    It may not be the catwalks of Paris and Milan, but this kid is OWNING his stache.
    Image Credit iStockPhoto
  • Party Animal 15 of 33
    Party Animal
    Someone passed out at the birthday party and got drawn on!
    Image Credit Fake Mustache Patrol
  • Onion Ring Moustache 16 of 33
    Onion Ring Moustache
    It's fun to play with your food.
    Image Credit Fake Mustache Patrol
  • Serious ‘Stache 17 of 33
    Serious 'Stache
    Stay thirsty, my friends.
    Image Credit Bibelot
  • Corner Store 18 of 33
    Corner Store
    This kid has gumballs for a penny. And I want to buy all of them.
    Image Credit iStockPhoto
  • Landlord 19 of 33
    This kid is destined to collect late rent checks when he grows up.
    Image Credit Babies With Staches
  • The Lorax 20 of 33
    The Lorax
    This kid was Danny Devito understudy.
    Image Credit Styled Creative
  • Belieber 21 of 33
    This fan has more facial hair than Justin.
    Image Credit Simply Jess
  • Play It Again, Sam 22 of 33
    Play It Again, Sam
    Here's lookin' at you, kid!
    Image Credit Steven Humor
  • Wrestling 23 of 33
    I'll take this kid over Hulk Hogan every time.
    Image Credit Babies With Staches
  • Formal Wear 24 of 33
    Formal Wear
    Circus attire, or a vintage coat always makes a stache seem mandatory.
    Image Credit Modern Southerner
  • Movember 25 of 33
    Stephanie took group pics of her kids every month, this was their November offering.
    Image Credit Strollerderby
  • Magician 26 of 33
    Look into my eyes .. you're getting very sleepy ..
    Image Credit Simply Jess
  • The Chooch 27 of 33
    The Chooch
    Charlie has disco fever. This is my youngest son with a little editing from PicMonkey.
    via Buzz Bishop. No use without permission.
  • Very Interesting 28 of 33
    Very Interesting
    You're probably wondering why I called you in here today ..
    Image Credit Simply Jess
  • The Natural 29 of 33
    The Natural
    I can't tell if the hair is photoshopped. This might be the most natural moustached kid on the list.
    Image Credit Poor Mojo
  • Incognito 30 of 33
    Sneaking around for a late night sip is better in disguise.
    Image Credit Babies With Staches
  • Oh Really? 31 of 33
    Oh Really?
    Yes. Really.
    Image Credit Blah Blo Blog
  • Hair Club For Men 32 of 33
    Hair Club For Men
    Grow it where you can, boys. Grow it where you can.
    Image Credit AAAnything
  • Gangnam Style 33 of 33
    Gangnam Style
    This kid has PSY's look, I swear.
    Image Credit Charity Rallies

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