Dads With Their Kids- Is There Anything Sweeter? (Photos)

Recently, Babble Dadding blogger Michael Schmid shared a theory that, for mommies, there’s nothing better than seeing her significant other cuddled up with their kids.

We put this theory to the test and asked Babble bloggers to share their favorite family photo of their husbands with their offspring. The responses came in immediately and they were adorable, to say the least.

You can check them out after the jump. Then tell us, do you agree with this assessment? Do you have a photo of your partner and your kids that you cherish above all others?

  • Meghan 1 of 23
    "Sadly, there are very few pictures of either of us with all three kids. I love this one because they're all together, but also because it was taken on our recent trip to Disneyland and it's a great reminder of the fun we had together."
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  • Meredith 2 of 23
    "Daddy's kisses are just a little bit sweeter when they happen in his office. They're actually kind of bonus kisses."
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  • Beth Anne 3 of 23
    Beth Anne
    "Harrison, I know she's a very pretty girl. But you cannot offer to share your Rice Krispies Treats with strangers, especially after they say ‘no' three times. & stomping your feet with manic laughter is just plain scary, not an appropriate mating call. ~Doug, at a Halloween party when 2-year-old Harry found a girl he liked."
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  • Heather 4 of 23
    "I love this photo because you can see on their faces just how much fun they're having, and how happy they are to be together."
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  • Emily 5 of 23
    "My husband, Michael with 3 of our 4 kids. Whether we're at work or at play, it's the digital life for us."
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  • Jen 6 of 23
    "This is my husband holding our 2 week old son. They were having a private moment and I grabbed the camera because my husband hardly ever lets me photograph him."
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  • Jaime 7 of 23
    "I seriously laugh out loud every time I look at that picture of them sleeping with her foot on his face. I can't take it."
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  • Alice 8 of 23
    "Henry loves nothing more than to wrestle with his dad, and Scott likes to give it his all. When I tried to take a picture of the mayhem, my dog photo-bombed me. Look at that face! He looks like he's thinking, "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Which is what any reasonable person would ask, really."
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  • Monica 9 of 23
    "I didn't marry a guy from a rock band for nothin'. Violet already loves the guitar. Each time Serge brings it out she goes wild trying to strum it with him."
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  • Laura 10 of 23
    "That was the moment he rode without training wheels... my husband is running a long side him to make sure he didn't fall. It was a big moment!"
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  • John 11 of 23
    "That picture was of two-week-old Kirby, or Birdie as we called her in those NICU days. She was so tiny that she had no bottom, just two itty-bitty stick legs that went straight to her back."
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  • MommyShorts 12 of 23
    "Every morning, my husband and my daughter share a blueberry smoothie. She doesn't want her own and she doesn't want to share mine. She wants her own straw in his glass. One of numerous ways my daughter is clearly Daddy's Little Girl."
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  • Casey 13 of 23
    "Cody and Addie Alligator hunting in Florida, Cody was far more skittish than Addie."
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  • Stacie 14 of 23
    The look on their faces says it all.
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  • Michelle 15 of 23
    "When I imagined my husband as a future father, I swear I saw this photo in my mind."
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  • Naomi 16 of 23
    "As my friend said 'Manly, yet nurturing.' Protecting the little ones from tumbling down the mountain on our first family hike."
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  • Catherine 17 of 23
    "Arguably the very definition of summer and childhood and fatherhood and loveliness: a fishing lesson on a still lake at sunset. I don't think that I could love them more."
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  • Mommyfriend 18 of 23
    "A random sweet moment between BooBoo and my husband complete with pinchy cheeks and daddy adoration."
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  • Andrea 19 of 23
    "Love=being goofy. This is me introducing my dad to the powers of Photobooth on my Mac computer. Nobody makes me laugh like he does; nobody."
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  • Gabrielle 20 of 23
    "Ben Blair and Baby June in the south of France. This is what traveling with kids looks like."
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  • Roni 21 of 23
    "Saturday was Little Bean's first birthday. We had a party at the house with friends, family and more green stuff then I'd like to admit (it was also St. Paddy's day.)"
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  • Shana 22 of 23
    "My gang tried to fool me into thinking they'd fallen asleep when I came home from an evening errand. Of course, I pretended to be surprised. But they looked so sweet together that I almost wished they were really snoozing!"
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  • Julie 23 of 23
    "I love this one. Mike and Willem at Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, Alberta."
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You can see Mike’s original post here.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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