DADVERTISING: The 15 Best TV Commercials Starring Dads

According to most media, you’d think all Dads are doofuses.

It’s a common theme in modern advertising, and one that men have railed against.

Recently, Huggies canvassed Dads about the tone their advertising should take before they even produced the commercial.

Terry O’Reilly is a Canadian marketer and radio host with a fantastic show on advertising. A few years ago he did an episode on how brands follow, and sometimes lead, public opinion on social issues.

Everything from societal attitudes on drinking and driving to gay marriage has had its story told by advertises. Now the role of Dads in the family, and the home, is being retold.

“It’s time to stop treating Dads like idiots,” cries Aaron Gouveia“Despite the fact that most first-time moms are just as clueless and confused as first-time dads, it’s chic to make fun of the dads, while moms are assumed to know absolutely everything.”


“Dads are now an important shopper,” Rec Room’s Rebecca Brown told the Toronto Star. “It’s not good business to make them the punch line.”

So as we get ready for another round of men in the media with the arrival of Father’s Day, instead of complaining about how brands are getting it wrong, let’s celebrate the brands that get it right with 15 of the best TV commercials starring dads.

  • Truth In Dadvertising 1 of 16

    Want to know what it is like to be a Dad who leans in? Check these out!

  • Oral B 2 of 16

    This ad is called "The Power of Dad" and will bring you to tears.

    From first shaves, to first skateboard rides. Line dancing to wedding processions. This crowd-sourced ad could be for anything. But it's for toothbrushes.

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  • GoGurt 3 of 16

    Choosy moms choose Jif, Dads who get it get GoGurt.  Duh!

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  • Expedia 4 of 16

    There is always an excuse to put things off or do it tomorrow. The best part about this ad is how it shows that a break with your kids, like the spinning teacups at Disneyland, is sometimes the best thing to solve your bigger problems.

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  • Huggies 5 of 16

    This is genius.  It's not just dads in this ad, it's Moms and Dads.  They're taking turns, sharing, doing things right, diaper checking. It's just a perfect symphony of teamwork, no "gender divide."

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  • Oreo 6 of 16

    Any ad that treats Father's Day like it's Christmas or New Year's wins for me. Love. this. ad.

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  • Doritos 7 of 16

    I loved this ad from the Super Bowl this year. Some say it's not genuine enough because the Dad only wants to play dressup for Doritos. Meh. Dads in drag with their daughters always win in my books.

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  • Subaru 8 of 16

    This ad shows up on many "best dadvertising" lists. It's a Dad sending his daughter off in the car. In his mind she'll always be his little girl. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

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  • Volkswagen 9 of 16

    This ad for the VW Polo in the UK perfectly sums up a Father's feelings for his kids.  Many of these ads will take the sappy, emotional path but they can because it's true.

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  • Google 10 of 16

    Google's Dear Sophie geniusly shows how any parent can use the company's services to document their child's life.  I love the idea of emailing my kids letters and immediately signed them both up for Gmail accounts when I saw the spot.

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  • Tide 11 of 16

    Dads know how to do laundry and get out stains on the favorite Princess dress. Because of course. Why question it?

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  • John Hancock 12 of 16

    This John Hancock ad is legendary. Long before "Dad 2.0" became a thing, this ad won 
    the Film Grand Prix at Cannes in 1986.

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  • Frosted Flakes 13 of 16

    Okay, let's ignore the part where the cereal isn't necessarily a "healthy choice" and focus on the branding.  It's dads teaching sons, spending time together, encouraging, and celebrating.

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  • Dove Men+Care 14 of 16

    Celebrating all the torture a man's face endures in a day. Shaving, cycling, snowball fights and pokes from kids.

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  • 15 of 16

    I'm torn on this one. I love that the dad gives it his all when it comes to playing with his daughter, but I don't like the tag line. Can you imagine an ad that says "take time to be a Mom?"

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  • Weetabix 16 of 16

    Again, good and bad. The implication is that Dad doesn't spend enough time with his kid. The time he does spend however, is bang on. Dads try harder with their kids, we get in, we get dirty, and it's hard work. Fuel up.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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