Dear Know-It-All Parents: Shut the %$#@ Up

I published a post about a week ago titled Dear Know-It-All People Without Kids: Shut the %$#@ Up that got a lot of people ahem, talking.

As an equal opportunity blogger, I was all too happy to flip the coin and find out what our friends without children had to say to parents as a whole.

While I was expecting to publish an equally snarky rebuttal to parents, our childfree friends left the sarcasm at home and used this opportunity to offer up some very practical advice.

Sometimes as parents we get so caught up in our own parenting agenda that we forget that an entire world exists outside our own (guilty as charged!). So listen up parents; we can all learn a thing or five!

  • There are a few places we’d rather not see your kids 1 of 17
    There are a few places we'd rather not see your kids
    If we're paying $100 for a nice romantic dinner, we'd like to eat it in a quiet atmosphere without little people jumping on the booth behind us. Is that really so much to ask?
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  • We’re here for you 2 of 17
    We're here for you
    We may not have kids but that doesn't mean we can't lend an ear, offer a helping hand, or even dish up some damn good advice.
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  • We’re on your side 3 of 17
    We're on your side
    It's not YOU vs. US. Raising good kids benefits everyone!
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  • Please don’t complain about your family 4 of 17
    Please don't complain about your family
    Some of us want a family and haven't had the opportunity to create one. Cherish the family you have and stop complaining.
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  • This is not the Tired Olympics 5 of 17
    This is not the Tired Olympics
    Just because we don't spend our time parenting doesn't mean we aren't working our butts off. We fill our time differently is all.
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  • Don’t feel sorry for me or ask about my reproductive plans 6 of 17
    Don't feel sorry for me or ask about my reproductive plans
    My life isn't empty because I don't have children and my reproductive plans are none of your business. Please check your sympathy and curiosity at the door.
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  • Please stop posting every detail of your child’s life online 7 of 17
    Please stop posting every detail of your child's life online
    Please save the status updates for the big stuff because right now you're coming off like a Momzilla.
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  • We don’t hate your kids 8 of 17
    We don't hate your kids
    We probably have more patience for your children than you do a lot of the time. Calm down and enjoy your children!
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  • Practice phone etiquette 9 of 17
    Practice phone etiquette
    If I happen to call at a bad time, please just don't pick up or offer to call me back. Talking to you while you're screaming at your kids is more annoying than not talking to you at all.
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  • Let kids be kids 10 of 17
    Let kids be kids
    We don't understand the Helicopter Parent's need to control every aspect of the childhood experience!
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  • OMG! Watch your kids! 11 of 17
    OMG! Watch your kids!
    You better believe I'll step in when I see your child in danger! Pay attention and watch your kids!
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  • There’s gotta be a better way 12 of 17
    There's gotta be a better way
    We understand that sometimes parents in the workforce have to dash out of the office on a moment's notice. It's not your fault but management needs to find a better way than leaving the rest of us to pick up the slack.
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  • Keep your sick kid at home 13 of 17
    Keep your sick kid at home
    No one has time to get sick; no one.
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  • Stop telling me I’ll understand once I have children 14 of 17
    Stop telling me I'll understand once I have children
    You're right, I probably will understand once I have children but saying as much to feels wildly insulting.
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  • Please teach your kids some manners 15 of 17
    Please teach your kids some manners
    Getting pounced on by a child hiding in the clothing rack at TJ Maxx or knocked over in the cereal aisle by your tornado child is rude. Simple phrases like, "excuse me", "please" and "thank you" go a long way.
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  • Not everyone wants to have children 16 of 17
    Not everyone wants to have children
    There's such thing as childless by choice and while we don't expect you to understand it, we kindly ask for your respect.
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  • We miss you 17 of 17
    We miss you
    We know your life has changed now that you've become a parent but sometimes we wish things could go back to the way they were.
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Do you have something you’d like to tell parents?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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