Dear Santa: Top Items on My Preschooler's Christmas List

Big sister J helps little sister C work on her letter to Santa on Thanksgiving

Let me go on record as a Santa Claus fan; I believe wholeheartedly in Santa. In fact, we’re a Santa-believin’ family all around. To this day, my own mother has never once voiced one iota of doubt regarding Santa’s existence to me, or to my two younger siblings who themselves now have 7 kids between them.

We believe.

Given that Christmas is coming, my kids all have Santa on the brain at the moment, and all of them except one year old G (she mostly just kind of scribbles at this point) have been working on their annual letters to send to the North Pole.  My two teenagers (13 year old E and 16 year old J) are past the toy stage, so their letters are mostly about specific items of clothing, electronics, and in J’s case, a particular Longchamps handbag.

But for four-year-old C, it’s ALL about the toys this year because she is just now old enough to sort of “get” the whole letter to Santa concept, and to know what specific toys she wants to request.

And these are the top toys on C’s Christmas wishlist for 2011.


1-Calico Critters I’d never heard of Calico Critters until my now-middle school aged niece got into collecting them in the past couple of years. I don’t think they were around when my three oldest kids were young enough to play with them. Now, however,after playing with her older cousin Eleanor’s Critters, C is very hopeful that Santa and the elves will bring her some of her own.

2-A Playhouse – When 16 year old J was little, she had this model Little Tikes playhouse, and she loved it. In fact, she and both her brothers loved playing in it for many years, but it was long gone – passed down to younger cousins – by the time 4 year old C arrived in the family. C loves playing with the playhouse over at her same-age cousin’s house, and she would love to have one of her own. I am in favor of Santa granting this wish because I think that both C and her one year old little sister G would both love it for years to come.  Having done some playhouse research myself recently, if I were to whisper in Santa’s ear, I think I’d ask him to consider one of these playhouse models for C and G this year: either the Step 2 Storybook Cottage, the Step 2 Naturally Playful Playhouse, or one of the KidKraft playhouses. (I very much welcome feedback from any of y’all who have one of these playhouses. What are the pros and cons? Would you buy it again?

3 – A Sparkly Pink or Purple Bike – Our 8 year old neighbor is always biking around our ‘hood on her stylin’ big girl bike, and it has a bell and glittery beads on the wheels, and she looks supercool. C wants to be just like her….only with training wheels.

So those are the top toys on preschooler C’s Christmas wishlist this year. I’m thinking that Santa will likely come thru with at least one of them.

How about your kids? What are the top items on their letters to Santa this year? Are there any toys or games that they are asking for that really surprised you? Tell me in the comments below.







Article Posted 5 years Ago

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