Did Your Kindergartener Undergo an Evaluation?

Parents of kindergarteners, did your children undergo an assessment before they were placed in a classroom? Anders still has a week to go before his first day, but on Monday I took him to the school for an evaluation. When I first learned about it I had mixed feelings. I wondered if the test’s purpose was to put all the “smart” children in one classroom and those who didn’t perform as well in another.

Anders is very bright, but when he is in the wrong mood it is hard to get him to cooperate. I worried that the teacher performing the assessment would catch him on an off day. Case in point, I once spent 45 minutes in the doctor’s office trying to get him to read letters from a chart for an eye exam that he insisted he didn’t know. Funny thing, he magically remembered them once I was frustrated enough to raise the stakes of the bribe. 

As it turns out, my fears were unfounded. I finally called the school to inquire about the purpose and they explained that the evaluation was to ensure that there is an even distribution of students at all skill levels in each classroom. This makes sense as it would be a burden on one teacher to have a disproportionate number of students that require extra help.

As for how Anders’ assessment went, I am and suspect I will remain in the dark about it. They led him back to a classroom to conduct it with four other students and returned him to me half an hour later, a brand new pencil and eraser clutched in his hand. The only topic of conversation he cared to engage in was whether we had a sharpener at home. Three days later he remains tight-lipped about the experience. Some things never change.

Anyone else have a child that underwent an assessment before being assigned a kindergarten classroom?

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