Disney On Ice Treasure Trove

We recently had the pleasure of seeing Disney On Ice Treasure Trove at Izod center in NJ. Popcorn, iceees, tiaras and swords—we were all in for this magical carpet ride that kept JD and Lily on the edge of their seats, fingers pointing high in the air at, at, at … Peter Pan!

Click here to learn more about the show. And talk about showCASE!

When I was a little girl my parents took us to see Aladdin on ice and it was great fun, but JD and his pal, Lily, got to see not only Aladdin, but The Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty … and more.

It was a theatrical, gorgeous event with constant set changes (one minute we’re under the sea … the next, down a rabbit hole!). The bright, bold costumes were meticulous right down to Alice’s black Mary-Jane skates (love!) to the wild animals in the Lion King show—which by the way had in my opinion the most romantic, skillful duet between Simba and Nala.

We sang, danced and cheered the whole show!  It was like 10 shows in one! Best of all, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy were along for the skate, popping in and out introducing oldies and newbies to the ice.

Wait, did I mention the pre-show? The Incredibles were fast and furious—of course JD was a fan of these superhero-esque skaters!

For tickets and info about shows in your area click here. For anyone in the Tri-State area, Treasure Trove hits Prudential Center in Newark 1-17-13

Here’s a look at our fabulous time.

  • Cool Disney Dude! 1 of 13
    Cool Disney Dude!
    JD was so excited to wear this tee we got at Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa. I paired it over a thermal and cool camo pants. That's Aulani Mickey under his arm, btw. <3
  • Pretty, Pretty Princess 2 of 13
    Pretty, Pretty Princess
    Lily dressed the part in this adorable Brave costume.
  • Young Love! 3 of 13
    Young Love!
    Lily and JD in front of Izod before we enter. Love these cuties!
  • Toys Galore! 4 of 13
    Toys Galore!
    Ya Can't go to Disney On Ice without getting a treat. JD chose a sword from Peter Pan and Lily opted for a light-up Princess tiara. Tons-Of-Fun!!
  • Mommy Son FUN! 5 of 13
    Mommy Son FUN!
    Even I got into it! Check out my tiara! JD will always be my main squeeze—I mean prince!
  • Mother Daughter FUN! 6 of 13
    Mother Daughter FUN!
    We were so excited to invite Amy and Lily to join us.
  • Snackies 7 of 13
    Ya can't go to Disney On Ice without getting an ... ICEEEEE! Brrrr!!!
  • Alice In Wonderland 8 of 13
    Alice In Wonderland
    The set for Alice in Wonderland was inspiring and magical. Tick, tock, tick, tock!
  • Grand Finale! 9 of 13
    Grand Finale!
    Check out all of these characters and themes—told ya it was a million shows in one!
  • Under The Sea 10 of 13
    Under The Sea
    The Little Mermaid set sent us under the sea for an adventure of fun, fish and love!
  • Peter Pan! 11 of 13
    Peter Pan!
    Peter Pan appeared from above, flew over the set and landed on the ice. He was greeted by the lost boys!
  • Princess Party! 12 of 13
    Princess Party!
    Famous Disney princesses took to the ice in search of their prince! "One day my prince will come..." All the girls were swooning! (As a note, we encouraged Lily to attend college, travel, THEN choose her prince.)
  • Mommy Love! 13 of 13
    Mommy Love!
    My mommy friend, Amy and I hug it out after this mega kiddo event—phew!! We had a great time at the show and ended with dinner at our fave Tex-Mex place (yep, we had 1 drink each! Deserved.)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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