TIME MACHINE: Disney Then And Now (1975 vs 2013)

Zacharie visited Disneyland last month with his grandparents. His first visit.

When he came home and showed me his autograph book, and as I flipped through the photos my parents had taken, I realized how little things have changed in nearly 40 years at the happiest place on earth.

Main Street looked the same in California as it did in Florida nearly 40 years earlier. Minnie was still cute, Donald still has no pants, and Goofy is still a ham.

It’s a land caught in time.┬áCameras, on the other hand, have vastly improved.

I still have the scrapbook that my grandmother made for that visit in 1975. She hand wrote a diary for me every night explaining what she did and saved everything from the airline ticket receipt to motel pamphlets. You can read part of that original diary here.

Here’s a side-by-side look at at Disney then and now from my trip and Zacharie’s.

  • That Was Then 1 of 11
    Disney 1975 vs Disney 2013

    That was then, this is now. Some things changed, many don't. Scroll through this look at the similarities between my first visit to Disney World in 1975, and my son's visit to Disneyland in 2013.

  • Main Street 2 of 11

    Waiting for the parade on Main Street is a right has changed little.

  • Pool Time 3 of 11

    Pool time is mandatory on a Disney visit, no matter which year.

  • Merry Go Round 4 of 11

    How wild is it that both my son and I chose the white horse 38 years apart?

  • Bed time 5 of 11

    In 1975 it was donuts and orange juice for breakfast in bed. In 2013, it's some iPad time before night night.

  • Donald 6 of 11

    He's still not wearing any pants.

  • Minnie 7 of 11

    Cute and friendly never goes out of style.

  • Tom Sawyer 8 of 11

    Kids can climb the fort, grandparents stay below.

  • Goofy 9 of 11

    As always. My photo is terrible from 1975, but he's pawing all over my face, in 2013, he mugged alongside my son in much the same way.

  • Autopia 10 of 11

    I swear those are the exact same cars as opening day with a little paint job.

  • Admission 11 of 11

    Back in 1975, Disney World operated with a ticket system for rides. You bought tickets once you got in depending on what you wanted to do. The admission for 2 days was only $9.25. In 2013, admission to Disneyland is now  more than $90 for 1 day to visit 1 park.

All images via Buzz Bishop

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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