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Ken Denmead, editor of the blog GeekDad, is a master of creating interesting, science-based projects to do with and for his kids. He calls his crafts geeky; we call them cool (does that make us geeks too?). Dozens of Denmead’s projects are collected in his new book of the same name; we picked two we thought you’d love to try with your family. And don’t worry if you’re tech-phobic; even an English major can follow Denmead’s point-by-point instructions.

  • The Coolest Homemade Coloring Books

    The Coolest Homemade Coloring Books

    From the moment most children are old enough to pick up a crayon, coloring is a creative pastime they enjoy. And please take special note of that word: pastime. How many times, on a rainy day at home perhaps or when you know they are stuck in a waiting room with you, have you been desperate to NOT let your kids be babysat by a video game machine or the television? Coloring can be an absorbing, constructive, imaginative way of passing the time – even for older children. And it can be just as portable as any Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable (PSP).

    But the selection of available coloring books is always either bound by current pop culture or skewed to younger children, and can put older kids off. What if you could make your own coloring books for your kids, filled with images for them to color that come from things they actually love and will get absorbed in? Well, you can, and pretty easily, too. Here’s how.

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  • Cool LEGO Lighting from Repurposed Parts

    Cool LEGO Lighting from Repurposed Parts

    Reuse is an important concept these days. It’s not just about recycling; repurposing existing items like furniture or building materials is a great way to minimize both waste and your carbon footprint.

    And with the digital revolution in media, what’s one thing we probably have lying around the house gathering dust? Yeah, CDs and DVDs. Hopefully, by now you’ve ripped all your old CDs into digital format for easy portability, and if you’re a proper technology geek, you may have all your movies and music stored on a home server for access all over your local network, and even anywhere you’ve got an Internet connection. So why are you holding on to all those discs? Sure, you could try to trade them in at your local used-music store for some kind of credit, but why not build something with them instead? And why not make it a fun project you can share with your kids?

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    Reprinted from Geek Dad, used by permission.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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