Do Halloween Costumes Really Have to be Such a Big Deal?

Halloween is fun. Even in its simplest form, Halloween is still fun. So why do so many parents make such a freaking huge deal out of Halloween costumes?

Growing up, I always thought Halloween meant throwing together a costume from what you had or maybe picking up a bagged costume at Gemco. Of all of my childhood Halloween costumes, I remember a poodle skirt my mom made out of lavender felt, a makeshift Strawberry Shortcake ensemble, and a ballerina tutu. I’m sure there were dozens of Halloween costumes in between but I can’t seem to remember them without photographic evidence.

Halloween night was fun because my friends and I were outside after dark! Collecting candy! In costume! It wasn’t about who had the best or fanciest costume; sheesh, we didn’t care. If anything it was about who collected the most candy.

Modern consumerism has left me wondering if things are different today. Costumes are getting bigger and better and fancier and more expensive than ever before!

I’m totally all about buying my kids a Target costume in a bag but I’m not about to go all ultra fancy or crazy with licensed accessories. If my kid wants to be Iron Man, he’ll be the cutest little Iron Man in the cheapest, non-deluxe Iron Man costume without pulsar accessories that you’ve ever seen!

Sure, he can want bigger and better when he’s old enough to realize what bigger and better means, but I won’t necessarily go for it. This year Boy Wonder picked out a totally amazing headless horseman costume for a whopping $64.99. My answer was no. The most I’d ever spend on a costume is $30 (including shipping) and even then, $30 x 2 kids is still a lot of money! We ultimately settled on a non-specific “hooded phantom” costume for $19.99. He was happy, I was happy, my wallet was happy. The only thing that would have made me happier would have been participating in Green Halloween.

My children will wear their Halloween costumes for approximately 90 minutes this year. They don’t need quality fabrics for durable wear or a costume that will be remembered by our neighbors for decades to come. What they need is the opportunity dress up, meet up with their neighbor buddies, and pander for candy.

Call me cheap, old-school, lazy, or practical, I happen to believe in the merits of simplicity and Halloween costumes are no exception.

What do you think about elaborate Halloween costumes?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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