Is It Wife's Day or Mother's Day?

mother's day card
This Is A Wive's Day Card

I think I did Mother’s Day wrong.

I bought my wife a lovely card, some backyard flower boxes, and plants.  We had a nice breakfast, but .. I only called my Mom.

It’s Mother’s Day, right? NOT wive’s day?

Y’all already have Valentine’s Day all sewn up where we bow down to your greatness.

So why is it that men feel ‘pressure’ to perform for Mother’s Day as well?

Now, really, apart from the pop bottle candlestick my son made in preschool, the flower boxes were a gift from my boys.  But my wife still wanted a card.  She’s very big on cards.  So I got one for her, and the boys got/made one for her.

But I didn’t really do anything special for my Mother.  My sons each sent her a card.  So they got Grandmother’s Day right, and I figured I would be covered off by just a phone call to my Mom, despite spending $100+ on things for my wife.

There will be wives today upset their husband didn’t do anything for Mother’s Day this year.  “I gave you these children,” they will think to herself.

“But you’re not my Mother,” he’ll think back (see 10 things wives Should Never Say To Their Husbands).

We husbands are in a peculiar spot.  On a day like today we are the proxy for our young children, the guiding force to make sure they’re on board with the program.  Young children can’t afford to buy their Moms a vacuum for Mother’s Day, but , a few Moms did get one today – but should they have?

Is Mother’s Day also Wife’s Day?

A quick poll:

Do husbands have to buy their wives something (even just a card) for Mother’s Day? free polls

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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