Do Not Open Until 2023: Deceased Girl's Letter To Her Future Self Goes Viral

Deceased Girls' Letter To Herself Goes ViralWhat would you do if the doctor came in to the examination room and told you the end was near?

I have thought about this, in only the way parents of young children who have yet to live their life can think about it. I would immediately dive in to my blog and start writing posts and future date them for when my kids would enter high school, when they’d turn 16, when they’d get married, etc.

I’d push out all the advice, experience, and love I could muster and store it in a time capsule to be released at the moment my kids would need it.

12-year-old Taylor Smith made herself a time capsule last spring. She did it out of curiosity and future anticipation, not because of any bad news. She was a tween girl with eager anticipation of the life to come, so she wrote a letter to her future self, to be opened in ten years.

This week, however, the letter was opened, some 9 and a half years early. This month Taylor passed away from pneumonia. When her parents went to complete the painful task of cleaning out her room, they found the letter.

Taylor’s father said the letter brought him closer to his religion and they decided to share it (they posted the letter on Facebook)  in hopes it will give others support and inspiration.

The letter has all the sweetness you would expect from a girl with a long and promising future ahead of her

 “Congratulations on graduating high school, if you didn’t, go back and keep trying, get that degree,” she wrote. “Do you have your own place yet? If we’re in college what are we majoring in? Right now I want to be a lawyer.’

Tim Smith read the letter and posted it to YouTube, it will break your heart.

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So what did you learn? For me this is just another reminder that this ride of life stops when you least expect it. Part of me wants to scramble to my computer and write those letters out to my boys now. Y’know, just in case. Instead I’ll give them all the love I can so they know, no matter what, they are my world.

I might also have them scribble out a time machine letter of their own. A little nugget to their future self from this careless, fancy free youth that evaporates far too quickly.

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