Do What We Mean, Not What We Say: Your Guide to Understanding Women

There is like this secret code that all women have. It’s not something we learn in school and it’s not something that anyone really talks about openly. It seems to stem from somewhere deep within — like our uterus or perhaps hormone driven.

Have you ever been in an argument or your partner comes up and asks you something you totally don’t agree with? Instead of outright saying you don’t agree you will throw back the ‘fine‘ or ‘whatever‘ response and he looks at you in a few days wondering why you are now angry? I’ve been in this situation more then once — and in an effort so save a lot of grief for our partners — I’ve compiled a collection of faces and phrases to watch out for.

Click through for the inside scoop & let me know if I’ve hit the mark.

  • Face & Phrase #1 1 of 8
    Face & Phrase #1
    What we say: [silent treatment]
    What we mean: You better figure this out quick!
    Photo Credit: ©AccustomedChaos
  • Face & Phrase #2 2 of 8
    Face & Phrase #2
    What we say: "That's okay."
    What we mean: You're going to wish you didn't just ask that. It's so not okay.
    Photo Credit: ©AccustomedChaos
  • Face & Phrase #3 3 of 8
    Face & Phrase #3
    What we say: What?!
    What we mean: We heard you -- just hoping you didn't actually say that!
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  • Face & Phrase #4 4 of 8
    Face & Phrase #4
    What we say: "Go ahead."
    What we mean: This one is really a dare -- watch out.
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  • Face & Phrase #5 5 of 8
    Face & Phrase #5
    What we say: "Fine."
    What we mean: It really is in your best interest to stop talking. If said in argument... we are so right.
    Photo Credit: ©AccustomedChaos
  • Face & Phrase #6 6 of 8
    Face & Phrase #6
    What we say: "OOOh wow!"
    What we mean: Usually loaded with sarcasm we are usually thinking pretty much the opposite.
    Photo Credit: ©AccustomedChaos
  • Face & Phrase #7 7 of 8
    Face & Phrase #7
    What we say: "Are you listening?"
    What we mean: We can see your focus in not where it should be. You're already in trouble so you might as well say 'no'.
    Photo Credit: ©AccustomedChaos
  • Face & Phrase #8 8 of 8
    Face & Phrase #8
    What we say: "Whatever"
    What we mean: A child-friendly word that really is telling you off... apologize.
    Photo Credit: ©AccustomedChaos

:: Tell me ladies, what else do we say but not really mean? Men, do we drive you crazy? ::

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