Do You Have a No-Shoes Rule in Your Home?

I always hate it when people require me to take my shoes off in their house. It’s like they are forcing intimacy with me so they can keep their carpet clean.

It’s their prerogative, I guess. Martha Stewart does. (Of course.)

But the joke’s on me because my carpet is filthy. I’m not bringing a black light in here anytime soon, if you catch my drift. We’re getting new carpet next month and I’m wondering if I should, among other changes, implement a no-shoes policy. It’s hard for me, because I believe your feet are your own business. But what do you think?

At the very least I should make my kids take their shoes off when they come in, right? I live along the Provo River. My yard adjoins woods with ponds and beaver dams. The muck on my kids’ shoes scoffs at doormats. I also have a dog and two cats who scoff at doormats–Well, more like scratch, chew, ingest, and regurgitate doormats. Aw. Isn’t that cute?

The carpet my house came with (I think it’s called “contractor’s special”) looks pretty haggard. If I’m going to invest in new carpet I want to keep it nice. On my first trip out to Home Depot to get an idea of how much it was all going to cost they explained that the pad is the thing. Good carpet pad = less carpet wear. OK. So, I asked them if I should splurge on pad and go cheap on carpet and they said that would be a decent strategy (for cheap people.) Actually, they respected my cheapness and told me about a special that’s running now where you get 8 lb pad for the price of 6 lb pad. So that’s what I’m getting. And now I will stop saying pad.

So once the new carpet is in should I go Asian-inspired and require shoe removal? Do you? Do you have a basket of slippers by the door for company? Martha Stewart does. (Of course.)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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