Do You Send Your Sick Kid to School?

Do You Send Your Sick Kid to School?With the start of the fall season it always coincides with the time of year we get bombarded with every flu and cold and cough and sickness you can think of. It’s my least favorite time of the year — not only for the cold air but I am not a big fan of everyone getting sick.

Currently, my kids have been off school for nearly a week. First started with a nasty cough and low grade fever. That developed into a head cold with the cough and now they have full-blown pink eye. We’re all sick and it’s not been fun!

I worry that they miss so much school and after three days off, the principal will call and check in to make sure everything is okay. That got me wondering though, my kids can’t be the only ones who get sick… right?

I know this flu is going around — I have had a few friends mention they are sick and it’s easy to notice with the shortage of cough drops and make-me-feel-better over-the-counter medication at the pharmacy that others are not well.

I don’t send my kids to school when they have a fever or when they have something that seems like it will turn into the nasty flu. I don’t want to get other kids sick (and then make their whole family sick), but I do realize that having them stay home is not that huge of an ordeal for me. I work from home and am here anyway, so it’s not like I have to find child care or call into work and let them know that I can’t be in for a sick child.

As much as I am peeved when my kids come home sick to find out that someone in their class has been sick all week and at school, I can realize that keeping them at home may not be that simple — though it would be ideal for everyone (the teachers, too).

:: Tell me in the comments, do you send your kid to school when they’re sick? How do you manage child care when they’re sick? ::

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