Do You Sneak Food into the Movies?

Years ago when my husband I were dating, we made plans to go to the movies. We were going to go to dinner first and then see a movie.

As usual, we were running late so I suggested that we grab McDonald’s and take it in with us to the theater. My husband was appalled. He just wouldn’t do it.

Fast forward to ten or so years later.

A few months ago, my sister and I went to the movies with all six of our children (we each have three kids). With eight of us seeing a movie, it was bound to be expensive even with sharing drinks and popcorn. We usually end up bringing some candy in with us as well.

However, this time we ate before we went to theater so we had no candy with us. My sister’s daughter was wearing a backpack and as we entered the theater, the manager stopped us and asked to search her backpack. We were stunned.

In all my years of bringing candy with me, not once had I ever been stopped. Thankfully we had nothing with us but the manager did say that they were “cracking down” and repeat offenders were invited to not return to the theater.

The cost for just my family to attend the movie that night (it was a 3-D movie) and enjoy popcorn plus soda was almost $100. Frankly, I always sneak in a pack of M&M’s and never think twice about it. I also bring my own water bottle. It seems that movie theaters have gotten more and more expensive.

It was this quote in the Scholastic article, Is It OK to Sneak Food Into the Movies?, that really got me thinking, “Sneaking food into the movies is kind of like bringing your own pasta to an Olive Garden. It’s just bad manners.”


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