Do You Stick To Your Kids' Bedtime Schedule On Vacation?

drinking wine on the floor in france
Another wild night out in Paris

I think I’m vacationing with my kids wrong.

Our kids are 5 and 2 1/2. Earlier this spring we ditched our final stroller. We’re walkers, our kids know how to walk, so we prefer them to walk with us.

The problem is when it comes to bedtime. We have no easy way to be mobile when the kids crash, which means our vacation nights end at 7.

Am I doing something wrong?

When we took our first trip as a family, when our oldest was just 10 mos, we spent 2 weeks in France. Our nights in Paris were over even earlier. Being new parents, we obsessed over schedule, and found ourselves running back to the hotel for afternoon naps, and to make sure bedtime rituals were observed.

While we enjoyed our time, we still missed out on about half of our vacation by spending it inside watching Dexter on our laptop while having baguette, cheese, and wine sitting on the floor.

This past weekend we took a road trip to Montana and, again, our night’s seemed to end far too early. Apart from one night out at the Montana Raceway to see the local Lightning McQueens rip around the track, we were in our rooms each night before 8. Even on our night out, we ditched the track after an hour to get home for bed.

I know we need to loosen the leash when on summer vacation. We have talked about heading out with another family so we can trade off on ‘babysitting’ to get nights out on our own, but for now it’s just us and we seem  to be missing out.

I’m just curious – how do you all manage bedtimes when you’re vacationing? Does a 730/800 bedtime go out the window? Do you put your 5 year old in a stroller?

Thanks for the help.

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