Does Your Kid Eat a Snack Food Specific to Your Area of the Country?

What does snack time look like at your house?

In the Doty household you are likely to find yogurt, apples, bananas, or carrot sticks being enjoyed at the kitchen table on a good parenting day. On a less responsible day, you will find Anders sitting on the couch pantsless with his arm buried up to his shoulder in a jumbo box of goldfish crackers while Danica enjoys pouring syrup (maple or chocolate) directly into her mouth or munching on pop-tarts, fruit snacks, or Cheetos. Before you put on your judge-y pants, I want to be clear. The Cheetos are baked. 

Recently, I stumbled across a YouTube video that has quickly gone viral. It features a group of kids from Minneapolis rapping about their favorite snack food, Hot Cheetos and Takis. While I’m totally on board with Hot Cheetos, (who doesn’t love burning their mouth while simultaneously staining their fingers red in a way that can only  be reversed with nail polish remover) I had no idea what Takis were.

A google search revealed that they are some form of Mexican corn strip snack. Where I’m from we call those Fritos. My colleague here at Babble Kids, Lori Garcia, assures me that kids go crazy for Takis. She says her boys will ride their bikes on a trip to acquire them.

It got me wondering about what snack foods are popular in different areas of the country. Do your kids enjoy something different from the standard fruit, yogurt, or vegetable? Share it in the comments.

And, for your enjoyment, check out these cool kids rapping about their favorite junk food pair.



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