Does your Kid Look Like Someone Famous?

I first heard “She looks so much like Dakota Fanning!” around the time her movie with statutory rape in it was released.

Forget all about Charlotte’s Web and Cat in the Hat, all I pictured in my head was that tiny little blonde child actress growing up WAY TO DAMN FAST.

I couldn’t accept that my kid looked like her, even if I could see where people were coming from. More and more comments were made “Did you know?” led into “You know…” and before long I couldn’t deny it. My kid looks an awful lot like Dakota Fanning in her younger years. When I see older photos of Dakota now I wonder “Is that what Addie is going to look like?”

And if it is? Cody better start practicing his intimidating boyfriend stare now. (Thankfully he’s had 11 years of sterling example from my own dad.)

It’s so hard to tell how these little kids are going to grow up. They all come out looking like smooshy little aliens and over time they begin to grow into their features, grow out of their teeth and develop freckles and cheekbones. Many people say Addie looks like me, I still can’t see it. However this little baby of ours? Cody to the tips of her toes. Any photo of Addie from before she was six years old and I would have never seen what I have standing in front of me today. She’s so long and lean, something Cody and I are not. She’s moved more towards lovely and farther away from little kid cute.

It seems strange, saying a child looks like an older celebrity in their younger years, but at the same time, it can’t be denied that there’s some similarities there, especially with her hair straight.

Has your kid ever been compared to a celebrity or famous person? I know when I was a baby I had a striking resemblance to Yoda and in 6th grade I was said to look a bit like Elijah Wood.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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