Dolls are Scary: A Frightening Gallery of Bad Baby Dolls

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When my friend Charlie of How To Be A Dad posted this picture on his Facebook wall, my heart immediately leapt with fear. I guess wasn’t expecting to see baby dolls sitting at the table or something. I was feeling slightly lame for my overreaction until I read Charlie’s photo caption, “I don’t know why but this scared the sh*t out of me today at Finn’s school.” Thank goodness it wasn’t just me.

The fact is dolls are scary. They just are.

And it’s not just dolls either. Lots of childhood-related items that are intended to symbolize innocence and goodness are damn frightening! Think about it, there’s dolls, tattered teddy bears, a random child’s blanket on the street, a lone child’s shoe – who lost these items? Why is there ever only one shoe? Come on now, these things are scary.

When I recently encountered scary doll images in the land of stock photography, I had myself a good scare that I just so obviously needed to share.

Check out this frightening collection of bad baby doll stock photography images — after the jump!

  • Box of doll heads 1 of 10
    Box of doll heads
    Box of nightmares more like!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Baby evil eyes 2 of 10
    Baby evil eyes
    This doll looks as though she's locked eyes on her next victim.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Sad dolly 3 of 10
    Sad dolly
    I bet she cries real human tears.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Eyeless doll face 4 of 10
    Eyeless doll face
    This doll witnessed something she wasn't supposed to. Let this be a warning to you.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Seriously angry baby doll 5 of 10
    Seriously angry baby doll
    Look what you've done, baby doll is upset.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Say hello baby 6 of 10
    Say hello baby
    The title of this image is "Say Hello, Baby". Let's say goodbye instead and get the hell outta here!
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • The eyes have it 7 of 10
    The eyes have it
    Didn't your mama ever warn you that vacant eyes were out to steal your soul?
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Watching 8 of 10
    Well hello dolly blue eye. GULP.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Come play with me 9 of 10
    Come play with me
    Don't be fooled by this doll's innocent exterior for danger lurks underneath.
    Image credit: Shutterstock
  • Three of a kind 10 of 10
    Three of a kind
    Uh oh, now they want to play with yoooooooou.
    Image credit: Shutterstock

Do you find dolls scary?

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