Don’t Share That! 10 Parental Overshares You Need to Stop Doing

10 Parental Over-Shares You Need to Stop DoingIt’s a different time now than when I was growing up. The Internet makes it so much easier to connect with people, to have a voice and to realize that we’re a lot more alike than we may realize.

We can keep family updated with our kids through pictures and videos and we can connect with people through our kids. It’s really quite amazing and the world is so much better for it.

There is one area that it tends to make things a bit more difficult though. Since it’s easy to share and so many are wanting to, it can be easy to tread into the “overshare” zone. When you say too much, post something you maybe shouldn’t and I worry that some parents are not stopping for a second and thinking about how what they’re sharing could effect their kids.  Everything stays on the Internet and I know for my kids I always try to stop and think about what I am sharing both online and offline when it comes to them. The last thing I want to do is embarrass them and I fully realize that while I like to connect with people, some things are just so much better kept to myself (or my close family).

Click through to read 10 parental overshares all parents should stop doing … like now:

  • Sharing Photos of Your Kids’ Poop 1 of 10
    Sharing Photos of Your Kids' Poop
    I am honestly shocked that I have to say this, but you should never share photos of your kids' poop. I've had 3 toddlers and know the type of messes they can make ... it's gross, but the only thing grosser than that is scrolling through Instagram and seeing some other kids' mess.... clean your kid up ... don't take a picture and share it.
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  • Sharing Photos of Your Kid on the Toilet 2 of 10
    Sharing Photos of Your Kid on the Toilet
    I would DIE of embarrassment if there was an image of me on the Internet using the toilet. Parents need to remember that your kids will grow up and sharing these things (yes, even on Facebook) will stay online for ever ... it's private!
    Photo credit: toddwickersty/Flickr
  • Talking About Your Bathroom Happenings 3 of 10
    Talking About Your Bathroom Happenings
    No one wants to hear about it.
    Photo credit: Bobbie/Flickr
  • Taking ‘Sexy’ Photos of Yourself in the Washroom 4 of 10
    Taking 'Sexy' Photos of Yourself in the Washroom
    You know the pictures I am talking about -- they're everywhere. A mom trying to feel sexy by taking a selfy photo in the washroom ... it's overshare.
    Photo credit: QuinnDombrowski/Flickr
  • Bragging About Still Being Drunk or Hungover 5 of 10
    Bragging About Still Being Drunk or Hungover
    Parents, I get that we all deserve a fun night out and just because we're parents doesn't mean we can't have fun, however ... some things are overshares. You never know who is watching/listening and just be careful (especially if you're going to say something stupid about driving home afterwards too.)
    Photo credit: Sam Howzit/Flickr
  • Telling People You Have a Favorite Kid 6 of 10
    Telling People You Have a Favorite Kid
    If you're thinking that in your head ... keep it there ... that stuff should not be shared.
    Photo credit: Greg L. photos/Flickr
  • Naked or Semi-Naked Photos of Your Kids 7 of 10
    Naked or Semi-Naked Photos of Your Kids
    There is nothing wrong with this picture, but I didn't want to place one here that would be an overshare. The images of your kid's naked butt or your toddler eating their dinner naked are not appropriate to share. Keep them for family, not the entire world.
    Photo credit: Monkey Mash Button/Flickr
  • Sharing Marital Fights 8 of 10
    Sharing Marital Fights
    I have this belief that marriage problems should be for the couple and close friends if needed. Don't go shouting to the world what a terrible person your partner is when it may not be the worst thing ever.
    Photo credit: IndyTrendySkits/Flickr
  • Constantly/Only Complaining 9 of 10
    Constantly/Only Complaining
    Yeah, I get the humor in this one since well, this post could be considered one giant complaint after another. I am not saying don't complain or vent, but I am saying that you should be sure not to only complain!
    Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr
  • Posting Embarrassing Videos of Your Kids 10 of 10
    Posting Embarrassing Videos of Your Kids
    You know the videos online of kids after their dental visit and they're still coming out of sedation and well, doing embarrassing things. While it may be fun to share with a select people, you should stop and realize that these things will grow with your kids and could haunt them.
    Photo credit: El Tuercas/Flickr

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