Doodles with Bloody Daggers

What's the perfect color for guts?

Addie has been taking some creative liberties with her drawings and doodlings lately. Yesterday she brought home a crayon drawing of a werewolf (if you ask Addie what her favorite animal is she’ll answer ‘werewolf’ with a deadpan look on her face. No one really knows what to say in response) and a cut and paste match up of a penguin.

Totally normal right?


I mean, assuming you overlook the bloody knives that both creatures are holding, and the blood dripping from their fangs. (Yes of course penguins have fangs and can hold knives with their flippers!)

With the whole robbers getting killed in spy land I’m left a little flustered with Addie’s new obsession involving violence, blood and gore. Whenever I ask her about it she has a very matter of fact answer for my questions (the penguin is a vampire! there’s no lawyers in spy land! werewolves are cool!) and she’s still just as sweet and wonderful as she was before this whole phase.

I posed a the question on facebook that “penguins with bloody knives are totally normal right?” and my friends seemed to think that since she is my offspring (and I am a tad on the creative side) that yes, homicidal penguins it totally normal.

Have a look see for yourself at some of Addie’s latest drawings…

  • I Love you Grandpa! 1 of 4
    I Love you Grandpa!
    See how sweet and unassuming this is? Any grandparent's dream right? (I know it was my dad's dream.)
  • Standing on My Head Milking a Goat 2 of 4
    Standing on My Head Milking a Goat
    My grandpa used to say this to me, now my dad says it to Addie whenever she asks what he's doing despite it being fairly obvious. Sort of our family's version of 'Here's Your Sign.' This was on the inside of the 'I love you grandpa' card. We all got a pretty sturdy laugh out of it.
  • Werewolf…holding a bloody knife. 3 of 4
    Werewolf...holding a bloody knife.
    So I guess if there were any animal who's MO included bloody knives, a werewolf would probably be one of them.
  • Penguin…holding a bloody knife. 4 of 4
    Penguin...holding a bloody knife.
    Fangs, bloody knife (with dripping blood!), claws and a star on his chest. Um, at least the star isn't upside down with a goat?
    When I asked her about it she said it was a vampire penguin who just killed a fish and ate it. The star is just decoration apparently. Okay, good.

Did your kids go through a…dark phase?

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