Double Christmas Duty

On one of our first dates, Cody insisted on getting a half dozen toy cars and wrapping each one individually for his only nephew. While the multipack of cars seemed like a better idea, Cody insisted that it isn’t so much about the toy, it’s about the act of unwrapping it. Four years ago Cody got Addie a 10 pack of ponies, took them out of the box and wrapped each one individually. I should also mention that the wrapping doesn’t end at our children, I had 36 individually wrapped candy bars in my stocking this year.

Turns out the best way to capitalize unwrapping time on Christmas morning?

Put the big kid in charge of unwrapping the baby’s presents.

Here’s a peek into what yesterday morning was like in our house.

This year was a pretty low key Christmas, just the four of us, our family in Utah on Skype, and leftovers from Christmas Eve for Christmas dinner. Everyone fell asleep happy, full and warm.

All I could have ever asked for.

  • Unwrapping her bike. 1 of 10
    Unwrapping her bike.
    Cody insisted on wrapping it, silly me to think just a bow would do.
  • It was well received. 2 of 10
    It was well received.
    The bike was kind of a last minute decision, she needed a new one and this one was on super sale.
  • Learning to ride. 3 of 10
    Learning to ride.
    It was just a push around the living room but she's going to be off and away on it soon enough.
  • Double unwrapping duty. 4 of 10
    Double unwrapping duty.
    She was in charge of unwrapping all of her baby sister's presents too.
  • Christmas eve jammies. 5 of 10
    Christmas eve jammies.
    We started the new jammies on Christmas Eve tradition about five years ago and this year both girls got matching ones.
  • Sweet new kicks. 6 of 10
    Sweet new kicks.
    She's wanted real cowgirl boots forever, I found these (with skulls!) on Zulily.
  • Wink moves in on the boxes. 7 of 10
    Wink moves in on the boxes.
    Our cat moved in on Addie's shoebox before she had even moved onto the next present.
  • Password Journal 8 of 10
    Password Journal
    This is the thing I went to three stores to find, it was the only thing she asked Santa for and while I don't understand it at all, she's carried it around with her for the last 24 hours.
  • Jersey and a pout. 9 of 10
    Jersey and a pout.
    We all got matching Utah jerseys (go Utes!) and I have no idea why she's pouting in this photo...
  • Oil pastel rudolph. 10 of 10
    Oil pastel rudolph.
    She drew this on her last day of school before winter vacation, she said "I GOT TO USE OIL PASTIES TO DRAW IT!" *snicker*

Addie got a bike for Christmas because her birthday is in December too, here’s 12 ways to keep a December birthday special.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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