Dump the Mom Frump: 6 Easy Hairstyles

easy hairstyles, hair tutorials, cute hairstylesLast Saturday, I had all of my hair chopped off. All. Of. It.

It reached past my bra strap and now skims my shoulders. (You can see the before and after pictures over at in these small moments.)

I have a love-hate relationship with my ponytail. As much as I wish I didn’t rely on it, I need some way to pull my hair back when I’m wrangling my kids all day.

So, once my a-maz-ing stylist, Melissa, gave me my great new cut, I asked for some ideas on how I could style it in a prettier and more stylish way than my ponytail.

She pulled together some easy styles that I can do in just a few minutes. (I also love Melissa’s tutorials for curling short hair, doing a fun side braid, and creating beachy waves.)

To learn even more new tips and tricks, be sure to like Melissa’s Facebook page, where she shares pictures, videos, and ideas.

Here are the styles she came up with…

  • Early Morning Hair 1 of 9
    Early Morning Hair
    Melissa bravely sent me this photo, taken just moments after she woke up so that she could best illustrate her before and after hairstyles. (I wish I looked this cute when I woke up!)
  • Bouffant with Headband 2 of 9
    Bouffant with Headband
    Tease the crown and tie hair with a clear rubber band in ponytail. Take another clear ponytail holder and wrap it around to create bun effect.
  • Fishtail Braid 3 of 9
    Fishtail Braid
    Take hair into two big pigtail sections and fishtail braid.
    Click here to watch the video tutorial
  • French Braid Bangs 4 of 9
    French Braid Bangs
    French braid front section, then use a bobby pin to tuck the ends under.
  • Bobby Pinned Bangs 5 of 9
    Bobby Pinned Bangs
    Pull back your small front section or bangs and loosely pull them back and take two bobby pins and crisscross them to keep the hair down. Its okay if it's messy and not uniform.
  • Bobby Pinned Bangs–Top View 6 of 9
    Bobby Pinned Bangs--Top View
    You can see the way the bobby pins are crisscrossed in this view.
  • Half Up 7 of 9
    Half Up
    On each side, take a small section and wrap it back, using a bobby pin to secure it towards the back of the head.
  • Side Ponytail 8 of 9
    Side Ponytail
    After teasing the top section, bring the hair around to a side and secure with a small clear ponytail holder.
  • Even More Tutorials 9 of 9
    Even More Tutorials
    Melissa's YouTube channel is loaded with great information.
    Click here to visit her there.

Thank you SO much, Melissa!

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