Dump the Mom Frump: Add These 10 Foods to Your Diet

dump the mom frump, healthy foods for moms, healthy foods for busy momsTell me if your day looks at all like mine did yesterday…

In a rush to get my daughter off to preschool, I ate a handful of Cheerios straight from the box.

I came home and was starving, so I ate one of the cupcakes we made the day before.

By the time I fed the kids lunch and tucked them in for naps, I was too unmotivated to make lunch, so I ate the leftover bits of my son’s quesadilla.

Then, I was ravenous at dinner and ate more than I should have.

It’s no wonder that I’m tired, irritable, and frumpy.

Does this sound familiar?

Part of my Dump the Mom Frump plan is to eat better.

I’m not fooling myself into thinking that I’ll find the time to prepare 3 perfect meals for myself each day, but I’ve chosen 10 nutritious foods that can be easily worked into my day with just a bit of planning.

These foods that pack a nutritional punch and should have me feeling more energized.

Here they are…

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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