Dump the Mom Frump: Try These 11 Simple Beauty Products

dump the frump, beauty routines for momsOver the summer, I indulged in a makeover.

The makeup artist was meticulous and I loved the final look and walked out of the store with a bag full of new products.

The only problem?

From start to finish, the makeup application took an hour and fifteen minutes.

I’m lucky to have 10 minutes in the morning to apply makeup, so most of those products sit in my makeup drawer, abandoned.

In my attempt to defrump, I’m making peace with two things:

1) I need to wear some makeup.

2) My beauty routine must be quick and easy.

So, I’ve made a list of the 11 products that I think I can work into my routine without setting myself up for failure.

I’m determined that these products won’t go to the makeup black hole in my bathroom.

  • Body Lotion 1 of 11
    Body Lotion
    I'm totally guilty of skipping body moisturizer and my dry skin is proof of that. I'm adding Eucerine Moisturizing Lotion to my post-shower routine.
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  • Face Lotion 2 of 11
    Face Lotion
    Even if there's no time for tinted moisturizer, there should always be time to apply moisturizer. I like Philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough Replenishing Cream.
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  • Tinted Moisturizer 3 of 11
    Tinted Moisturizer
    My crazy morning routine doesn't allow time for makeup application that requires careful blending. This tinted moisturizer from Stila is super easy to apply and disappears into the skin.
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  • Skin Illuminator 4 of 11
    Skin Illuminator
    For those mornings when I'm exhausted and pale, I'm hoping that this Nars the Multiple will provide just the right amount of sheer color to breathe life back into my skin.
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  • Eye Shadow Base 5 of 11
    Eye Shadow Base
    Whether there's time for eye shadow or not, it takes just a few seconds to apply a sweep of Mac's Paint Pot in Painterly, which helps to brighten eyes.
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  • Eye Shadow 6 of 11
    Eye Shadow
    Gone are the days when I can apply three different shadows and meticulously blend them all. I love Urban Decay's Naked2 Eye Shadow because it's easy to apply and adds just a bit of color.
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  • Lip Gloss 7 of 11
    Lip Gloss
    I can't remember the last time I had time to apply lip liner and lipstick, but I can usually manage to put on a tinted lipgloss at a stoplight. Mac's Tinted Lipglass in Lovechild is a great color for most skin tones.
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  • Nail Polish 8 of 11
    Nail Polish
    For me, taking time to get a manicure is a rare indulgence. A pale polish, like Ballet Slippers from Essie, is easy to apply and won't show wear.
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  • Face Mask 9 of 11
    Face Mask
    Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I'm shocked at how lackluster and dry my skin looks. In just 5 minutes, the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss should solve that problem.
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  • Face Cream 10 of 11
    Face Cream
    One thing that I have learned is that moisturized skin can make a world of difference in what I see when I look in the mirror. Applying a night cream like Philosophy's Help Me night treatment will undoubtedly replenish my skin while I sleep.
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  • Hand Cream 11 of 11
    Hand Cream
    I'm trying to get in the habit of applying a hand cream before bed each night to help keep my hands soft and young looking. L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Cream is on my nightstand.
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