Will kids be embarrassed by their parents blogging about them? Let’s ask them. India “Inky” Kotis writes about the experience for

Do I like having my mother write about me? It’s complicated. by India “Inky” Kotis, age 11

May 8, 2009


Mama writes the East Village Inky in a big red leather chair most of the time, and sometimes at the table. She hates it when anybody looks over her shoulder.

She writes other stuff, too — like “self-mocking autobiographies.” I’m not sure what that means. It’s probably something like a personal narrative but you tease yourself in it. Plus, she wrote a toddler-book called Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo, and a teenager graphic novel.

She shows my brother Milo and me in the zine as little pictures saying something in a word-bubble like: “WE WANT PANCAKES!”

There’s nothing I know that Mama won’t write about. My hobbies include reading, drawing, pushing elevator buttons, and going to camp. I think Mama probably writes more accurately about me than what I think is accurate. People get a pretty clear idea of who I am. Maybe, just maybe, reading it on paper is funnier than the real thing (but only a .0005 chance).

I used to get embarrassed when she wrote stuff about me, ’cause I was scared people would take it the wrong way.
I used to get embarrassed when she wrote stuff about me, ’cause I was scared people would take it the wrong way. Once, Mama wrote that I told her, “In sixty years, you’ll be 100!” I thought people would think I was accusing my mom of being old and not “respecting my elders.” It’s not the accusing I was most afraid of, but that people would laugh in a “Ha-ha-I-think-it’s-funny-she-said-that!” way.

As for when I was little and she drew me naked, I don’t feel embarrassed about that. The way I figure, it’ll be a way to remember what I looked like then. Although I wouldn’t let her do it now!

I wouldn’t mind her writing anything except about my work in school, ’cause some of my school buddies’ parents (and even a few of my schoolmates) read the zine. Mama keeps my schooling pretty confidential. If it were to happen, I would hide out in the basement for until at least another year.

Do I like having my mother write about me? It’s complicated. by India “Inky” Kotis, age 11

May 8, 2009

Which reminds me: Rookie-moms, listen up! When you’re writing about your kid (or blogging or whatever ecstatic rookie-moms do), DON’T WRITE ANYTHING YOU OR YOUR KID WILL LATER REGRET! You should avoid writing about school. Preschool is okay, I guess, but when your little darlings start middle school, ZAP! All your powers of turning your kids’ slaving over kid-paperwork, A.K.A. schoolwork, into sheer entertainment for other people is gone! Or you’ll get a beating later by your enraged eleven-year-old!

But writing about your kid can be a really nice thing to do. When people who don’t know me read about me I feel sort of like Elvis Presley – like I’ve got fans I don’t know but they sort of know me. One of my friends, Abe, keeps on asking, “Could I be in the zine too?” I can’t really blame him ’cause the zine is AWESOME!

And rookie subject-of-mom’s-blog-or-zine-or-whatever, it’s your turn to get advice from the master! First, you should be prepared to hear a lot of “Do you still go by (nickname) or should I call you (given name)?” My advice: when you get all grown up and hip and cool DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR NICKNAME! It’s your badge of honor! Your ticket to the subject-of-mommy-blog-or-zine-hall-of-fame!

Milo acts real jealous about the zine’s title having my name in it. But his face is on one of my mom’s books, so we argue about who has the better deal. I bet Milo has fans too, but I don’t think he’s aware that personal things are being documented about him. (If he did, he might take action.)

I think Mama will never stop writing about me. She might have to pause for a while at college, but I will phone in every day with a pict-o-phone or something, and recite the details, so, no, she won’t. I will never, ever, ever, ever want her to stop.

When I grow up I want to be an archeologist or the kind of scientist who studies ancient humans, or an Egyptologist. But a comic-book artist is a pretty sweet deal. And when I have kids, I will make up a cool nickname and live in the East Village (or West Village, or Harlem) and maybe make a zine called the Harlem Cuddlebunny or something – it depends on the nickname I come up with and geography – and you might get an article along these same lines from MY kid someday.

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