Easter Week in Instagram

Last week we did a lot of stuff as a family; prepared for Easter, prepared for our big move, and just life in general. But one thing I always have is my phone, which means I am clicking away photos to put on Instagram. Like always! I shared some of our photos from the previous week here on Babble Kids.

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    Click through for a glimpse of our week!
  • Bella the Sleepy 2 of 16
    Bella the Sleepy
    This dog can sleep man! I always have to snap these sleeping pictures, because I am sure one day just like my kids, she will stop napping and grow a lot bigger than she already is. Although, she is tipping the scale at twenty five pounds as of her Vet appointment on Friday!
  • Making the Move Easy 3 of 16
    Making the Move Easy
    In an attempt to expedite some packing, we took to the laundry mat. Honestly, if I didn't have to load the car and drive there... it would be so much easier. Maybe I will just invest in a couple more washing machines? LOL!
  • Bored Benny 4 of 16
    Bored Benny
    While out to dinner one night I was snapping pictures of Ben. He was just so amused with me.
  • B is for Bella 5 of 16
    B is for Bella
    Addison decided she wanted to feed Bella a Cheez-it while she was sleeping. She shoved it right under her little puppy lip. What a laugh!
  • Girls Day Out 6 of 16
    Girls Day Out
    I hit up Oz with my best friend. I love the movies, although I don't get to go as often as I would like to.
  • Part Writer Part Fire Fighter Wife 7 of 16
    Part Writer Part Fire Fighter Wife
    My day started out with plans to head to Starbucks and get some writing done. I ended up sitting in the car at the fire house with my laptop while my husband went to a house fire.
  • Car Hop Picnic 8 of 16
    Car Hop Picnic
    Since we are going to be moving so soon, I have been trying to spend as much time with family. Which includes my 16 year old nephew Dylan. We picked up big cousin and headed to our favorite old fashioned car hop that I know I am certainly going to miss!
  • Manicure Day! 9 of 16
    Manicure Day!
    Last week I learned about this really awesome "spa" for little girls. I figured I would bring Addie as a "Mommy & Daughter" activity the day before Easter, because who doesn't need a manicure? She did amazing and loved every minute of it!
  • Ear Piercing and Ice Cream 10 of 16
    Ear Piercing and Ice Cream
    After her manicure, she got her ears pierced which she did amazing at. Then had a nice scoop of watermelon Italian Ice which she picked out. That place is the best idea ever!
  • Keep Calm 11 of 16
    Keep Calm
    Moving a thousand miles, with three kids, a puppy, a cat, and my father-in-law has become stressful. While we were at the mall the other night, I looked in the window of a little store, and saw this. I knew it would look perfect in our new kitchen.
  • Easter Baskets 12 of 16
    Easter Baskets
    This year, the Easter bunny focused on literacy. Lots of looks in our baskets this year. For all ages, all kinds of activities, and of course lots of DVD's and coloring for our long drive to Florida.
  • Fuzzy Cousins 13 of 16
    Fuzzy Cousins
    On Easter we all decided to bring our dogs with us to my parents house for dinner. We brought Bella, and my nephew brought his new puppy, Ki Ki. They played the entire day in the yard. Needless to say, when it was time to go home they were pooped!
  • Easter Meltdown 14 of 16
    Easter Meltdown
    I know we ALL had one of these! Although this was probably the cutest one!
  • Family Photo Outtakes 15 of 16
    Family Photo Outtakes
    We were trying to get all my children, myself, and both my parents in a photo. Yeah, that worked well when the dog attacked with kisses and one of the kids jumped ship.
  • My life 16 of 16
    My life
    Just one of those pictures taken when no one is paying attention... and it couldn't describe my life any better.

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